June 14, 2024

IELTS GENERAL WRITING TASK 1 For 8 bands: Formal letter


You recently sent some documents by post, but they did not arrive. Write a letter to the post manager.

– Give details of the situation

– Describe the documents

– Say what action you want the post office to take.

Dear Sir,

I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a significant issue I have encountered with the postal service, and I hope you can assist in its prompt resolution.

Approximately one week ago, I dispatched essential documents through your express delivery service, with the expectation of a timely delivery within two days. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive the documents, which are of utmost importance for my impending visa application.

The contents of the package include my college transcript and final year mark sheets, crucial for the successful submission of my visa application. The urgency arises from the fact that these documents must be submitted within the next two days to avoid any complications with the application process, including the forfeiture of my application fees.

I kindly request your immediate assistance in tracking down the whereabouts of my documents and ensuring their safe and expedited delivery. Given the sensitivity of this matter, I would appreciate it if you could escalate this concern to your senior authorities for swift resolution.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I anticipate your prompt response and the timely delivery of the documents.

Yours faithfully,


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