May 27, 2024

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Thank you for visiting! We are one of the well-known and best blogging sites available with our top-notch content and high authority. We are delighted to serve the quality content and keen to provide up-to-date information to our readers. Not compromising the quality of content is our priority.

At Daily update articles we provide an opportunity to ” Write for us”, for the people who are mad about writing crazy stuff and have the potential to bring value to our daily readers.

Daily update articles always welcome new writers who want to guest post or contribute articles regularly. Guest bloggers are always welcome here @Duarticles.

To submit a guest please follow the instructions listed below. Explore the guest posting requirements, the procedure to submit a guest post to us.

Why Guest Blogging?

Backlink building is one of the significant factors in winning the SEO game. And, Guest blogging is a technique to acquire a contextual, infographics link.

Among the other techniques, people use for backlink building guest blogging has proven to be the most effective technique.

So, SEO nerds are nowadays not only focusing on on-page and technical SEO but also giving the same importance to off-page SEO as well.

Well, in simple words guest blogging is if one website mentions another website in their article by giving a link through anchor text, infographic, image, product, etc. 

As a result, link juice from one website will be passed on to another site.

Benefits of write for us

Duarticles started with a mission of spreading authentic and real knowledge to our viewers.

We never compromise on the quality of content and believe in following all the Google guidelines.

In no time we have grown so much that more than a million people have joined us from around the world.

If you are an expert in any domain and want to reach a genuine audience then you are at the right place.

Articles published on Duarticle will be exposed to the more than millions of people who are avid readers of Daily updates articles.

  • SEO benefits
  • Exposure to avid readers
  • Author bio 
  • Editorial guidance
  • Social media exposure

Write for us Technology

write for us technology

  • Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (ML)
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing & DevOps 
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
  • VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality) and Mixed Reality
  • Smart Home Automation, Security Systems, Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Strategies, Trends, Guides, Tips, Tactics, Tricks, and more

Write for us Business

write for us business

  • Startup news
  • Entrepreneur and fundings
  • Angel investors
  • employment 
  • Business interest, in particular, focused on running small businesses.
  • HR topics
  • Career advise and experiences
  • Wellbeing at home and work
  • Team management and leadership

Write for us Marketing

write for us marketing

  • SEO, SEO tools, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Retail Marketing case studies.
  • Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing,affiliate marketing and online marketing.
  • Blogging tips, blog marketing, blogging tools and link building.
  • Running an online business and Making money online tips and ideas.
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Website promotion, website ranking, website designing and development.
  • Web Technologies (Html, Javascript, React JS & jQuery etc.)
  • Bing Ads, Google Adwords and Social Ads
  • Strategies, Guides, Tactics, Tips, Trends, Tricks, and more!
  • Amazon selling, amazon PPC, Amazon affilliate marketing.

Write for us General

write for us entertainment

  • Trending topics
  • movies, music and plays
  • celebs and recent releases
  • OTT platforms 
  • Rating and reviews

Write for us Travel

write for us travel

  • Travel destinations
  • Personal experiences
  • cheap travel destination
  • local food and recipes

Guest Posts Submission Guidelines:

We Do Like:

  • Your articles must be original and Plagiarism free content (Copyscape passed) or free from copyright infringement.
  • Your Content should be at least 800+ words with headings and make sure the content is free from grammatical mistakes.
  • Provide the unique featured image with HD Quality with the resolution of 1200px(width) and 675px(height).

We Don’t Accept:

  • First of all, The Guest Post article must be about one of the topics which we have mentioned above. We don’t allow topics that are irrelevant to our site.
  • We don’t accept copyrighted content, Please check the with plagiarism before sending the article to us.
  • Don’t send the article which has been published elsewhere including your own blog also.

We will be very happy if you contribute content to Daily Update Articles. Please feel free to email us at

How to Find Guest post Websites?

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Yes you can, if you follow the write for us guidelines designed by us.

We allow writers to write on technology, Business, Marketing, Entertainment, and much more.

 It depends on your article quality. If your article does not meet our quality guidelines we will not publish it.

We strictly follow google quality guidelines hence, we do not entertain anyone who go against the google content policy.

Kindly Email us at with well-researched titles our editorial team gets back to you with more information.

Yes you can but you must follow the guidelines and write content that is beneficial for our readers.

Try to write an article that is informational and 1000+ words. Article written only intent to get a backlink will mostly get a rejection from our side.

Yes, but for that, you need to contribute 5 articles on Duarticles and if you maintain the quality we will provide you the author bio.

We usually reply in 1-2 business days and if are not able to answer please don’t spam us with more emails.