June 14, 2024

IELTS GENERAL WRITING TASK 2 For 8 bands: Positive or Negative


Some countries have introduced laws to limit the working hours that an employer can ask from an employee.

Why are these law introduced?

Is this a positive or negative trend?

In recent times, exploiting an individual’s vulnerability has become increasingly prevalent, with some employers in certain countries adopting these unethical practices. To address this issue, several nations have implemented regulations to cap the number of working hours for employees. This legislation has produced numerous positive outcomes, which I will discuss in this essay.

Evaluation: The introduction clearly states the problem and mentions the steps taken by some countries to address it. It sets a clear direction for the essay, introducing the topic and outlining what will be discussed. This is essential for achieving a higher band score as it demonstrates clarity and coherence.

Firstly, due to their greed, many business owners disregard the well-being of their employees. Their primary goal is to maximize profits while minimizing operational costs, often at the expense of their workers. Instead of hiring additional staff or investing in advanced machinery and equipment, these employers assign extra hours to their existing employees to save on training and other miscellaneous expenses. Furthermore, the lack of confidence among employees, who may be underqualified and therefore seek job security, is a significant vulnerability. Many employees fear that refusing extra work hours could jeopardize their jobs. Consequently, some employers exploit this fear to coerce their workforce.

Evaluation: The first body paragraph effectively explains the reasons behind employers’ exploitation of workers and the impact on employees. It maintains focus and coherence, with each point logically leading to the next. This level of coherence and detailed explanation is essential for a higher band score.

Additionally, this issue frequently affects immigrants, including professionals and international students. Employers, managers, and supervisors exploit these individuals by initially offering attractive salaries and benefits, only to later use signed contracts to threaten them if they wish to leave. Such inhumane practices can severely impact a person’s mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Therefore, stringent legislation is necessary to safeguard human rights and protect vulnerable workers from exploitation.

Evaluation: The second body paragraph expands on the issue by highlighting its impact on specific groups, such as immigrants. It discusses the severe consequences of exploitation, further strengthening the argument for stringent legislation. This comprehensive approach and detailed explanation contribute to a higher band score.

Several measures have been taken by governments to combat these unacceptable practices, resulting in positive trends. Limiting the number of weekly working hours allows employees to spend more time with family and friends. Additionally, they can pursue various activities during their leisure time, helping them to alleviate work-related fatigue.

Evaluation: The third body paragraph discusses the positive effects of government interventions, providing specific examples. It maintains coherence and clarity, illustrating the benefits of the legislation. This clear and logical structure is crucial for achieving a higher band score.

In conclusion, exploiting someone’s weaknesses for personal gain is condemnable. Laws that limit working hours have demonstrated significant positive effects, which are widely appreciated.

Evaluation: The conclusion succinctly summarizes the main points discussed in the essay and reinforces the positive impact of the legislation. It effectively wraps up the essay, ensuring that the argument is clear and complete. A concise and well-structured conclusion is essential for a high band score.

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