June 14, 2024

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Write for us technology, Apps, Computers, Design & development, Gadgets, Internet, mobile, Networking, Security, Software and Hardware, Web hosting, and Scam.

Today it is not hidden from anyone that technology has become an integral part of our life.

Without technology, the world seems like a forest where you can only listen to silence. People have become dependent on technology via one or another medium.

But using technology is complex sometimes because a person has to understand the complicated steps to operate it or develop it.

Thanks to our tech geeks who constantly seek to help other people through any sources like youtube, blogs, PDFs, forums, etc.

Google process 8.5 billion searches per day so you can imagine how many people are seeking help.

There are masters who have a better understanding of technology and they can spread their knowledge to the people who need genuine help.

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But they lack a platform and user base. 

However, you can write for Duarticles on any technology-related blog and get exposure to over 10k plus audiences.

You can write for us on various topics mentioned below.

Write for Us Apps

Application development is a booming industry and a plethora of information technologies companies are providing app development services to their clients.

If you are a startup, tech geek, or organization who is working on a similar kind of project and want people to know about your idea then you can submit a guest post to us.

Write For Us Computers

You can say that computers are the most used gadgets after smartphones. 

However, not only computers but laptops, tablets, and mobile phones come with different operating steam integration and they work differently.

So, if you have knowledge regarding computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets you can consider writing for us.

Write for us design & development

It sector is booming for the last decade and no industry is left that does not require the help of information technology.

Today from SMBs to unicorns rely on websites, mobile apps, and software to run their business.

And they require IT companies to handle their projects. If you have knowledge about this topic or you want to promote your service then you can contribute a guest post to us.

Write For Us Gadgets

With continuous growth in the tech industry tech accessories are also getting much attention.

Not only tech accessories but this market is way bigger than these things.

If you know about new gadgets coming into the market or you have unique gadgets that can disrupt the current market then pitch us your guest post idea.

Write For Us Internet

The Internet has the ability to connect the whole world in just a click and it has the power to bring people together through social media and other platforms.

If you have ideas or tips and tricks about internet usage and use cases then pitch your guest post ideas to us.

Write For Us Mobile

Mobile phones are one of the most used gadgets by people after the technology has evolved.

Every other day mobile phone companies are coming up with the latest technology and trends to sell their phones in the market.

If you hold knowledge of smartphones coming into the market and updates then pitch your ideas to us for guest post.

Write For Us Networking

Networking is a complex subject and it has to be understood very deeply to correctly implement.

If you hold knowledge of networking and want to share it with other people then please pitch your guest post ideas to us.

Write For Us Cyber Security

Since people have started taking advantage of technology there are people finding loopholes in it and scamming people.

Data breaches, phishing, cyber attach, etc anything can happen and you have to have basic knowledge of cyber security.

If you know about cyber security and want exposure then you can consider writing for us.

Write For Us Hardware and Software

Pitch your guest post ideas about hardware and software. Yes, if you have knowledge about hardware and software then you can write for us.

Write For Us Web Hosting

If you are a web hosting service provider or you write an article about that then you can write for us.

Web hosting is a very competitive market and always discounts and promo codes are available to acquire new users.

If you have a similar kind of knowledge then we welcome you to write for us.

Why write Technology & Digital marketing guest post for us?

as a marketing strategist, SEO, or branding person you must have thought that why to write for someones else’s site instead you could just focus on your own site and publish quality content there.

but here is a catch.

yes, you should focus more on your site but in the SEO industry, it is a standard practice to submit a guest post on another site.

by doing this AKA off-page SEO technique you can leverage the benefits of getting exposure from the audience of other popular sites.

however, Duarticle is an authority site running for the last 2 years and we only focus on providing quality content to our audience.

Here are some other benefits you get by submitting guest post on Duarticles.

1. Get Exposure for your business

We target broad audience all over the world by publishing content on several categories like technology, business, home improvement, lifestyle etc.

however, our majority audience is interested in reading tech articles which is our main forte. if you are looking to get exposure from a similar group of audience then you must contribute tech guest posts on our site.

2. Build your credibility and authority

we adhere to google guidelines and do not sell do-follow links. however, if your content has value and satisfies our reader’s intent then we might give you a do-follow link.

yes, this way our readers might land on your website and get more information about your business. as result, you will get the most benefit out of it.

3. Get more traffic to your website

according to our search console and google analytics data, we get more than 10k+ visits to our website majority of readers are from USA, Canada, Australia, and UK.

Our major focus is to publish content in the English language so we can capture major people from English-speaking countries.

And it is highly possible that interested people will read the article contributed by you and redirect to your website for more information.

4. Make a Valuable connection

by getting in touch with lots of people in similar industries you’ll get in touch with people who are more likely to do business with you.

in the future, you can collaborate with each other for mutual benefits or help out in pursuing difficult tasks.

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