July 17, 2024

Jasmine White 403 On TikTok | Latest Videos In 2023

jasmine white 403 tiktok

Find much-needed information about that viral girl on TikTok who eats anything and you love watching it. Some of her latest videos of 2023.

What is jasmine white 403

Jasmine white 403 is a username on TikTok owned by a content creator named jasmine who makes ASMR videos of eating food like raw vegetables, fish, jelly, chocolates, and much more.

She became famous on various social media platforms because of her entertaining videos.

However, she does not act or speak even a word in the whole video clip and just eats food while recording the video and audio of it.

She has gained millions of views on TikTok because People find the voice of biting and cracking of food so soothing and entertaining.

Who Is Jasmine White 403

Jasmine white 403 is a content creator famous for making viral TikTok videos of ASMR eating weird foods. 

She is talk about the town for the last couple of months because there are lots of memes made on her and getting viral on Instagram and TikTok.

What did Jasmine White 403 Do

Jasmine white 403 started making videos on TikTok maybe a year ago and gained ample attention from viewers because of her weird short videos of eating food items.

However, due to some reasons most of the videos on TikTok have been taken down and here follower counts on TikTok dropped to 65.3k.

Her last video is just a screenshot of a chat stating that her most viral video is taken down. 

Why is Jasmine white 403 Trending?

Jasmine white 403 is trending just because she posts weird videos of eating food and making sounds. However, one of her videos of eating a pig head went viral and the majority of people did not like it because of the cruelty shown in the video.

After this video, her account is possibly taken down by TikTok and she does not have any verified account on TikTok now.

Jasmine white 403 Titkok

Jasmine white tiktok
jasmine white 403 tiktok
jasmine white 403 tiktok

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