June 15, 2024

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Apne tv

Today, there is almost 4.2 million Indian population living in the USA, and in Canada, it is over 1 million. Also in all major countries, Indian immigrants are residing or planning to go for work or tourism purposes.

But wherever they go two things they cannot forget about are entertainment and food. The food they can adjust somewhere from the hotels or by making at home 

but what about entertainment?

Exactly, those emotional daily soaps, fighting between in-laws and Bollywood movies full of drama and romance.

Where would they go and watch?

Because of mobile carrier changes and some limitations even if users want to pay and watch TV channels available in India to foreign countries they can not.

As a result, they have to choose other sources to watch or download movies and tv serials.

Here in this blog, we are going to talk about one such platform which is famous in the USA, Canada, Uk, and Europe.

Let’s see how to download the latest movies, serials from Apne TV.

About ApneTv

ApneTv is a platform available on the internet where people can download and watch pirated or leaked Indian and Pakistani movies, series, and serials.

It is not hidden from anyone that movie piracy is a headache for producers and because of that they have to bear a substantial amount of losses. But there are some movies, serials that are already freely available on mobile applications of a particular channel or cable tv operator.

But that mobile applications are not available internationally than in that situation websites like Apne Tv plays a major role in fueling entertainment into people’s life.

Apne Tv was launched in 2018 and since then it is providing entertainment through Bollywood, Pakistani shows to the people. 

How popular is ApneTv?

We can assume how much Apne Tv is popular through the statistics of the website gathered from the trusted sources.

Apne Tv has an Alexa rank of 113k which means the website is updating content frequently and ranking on rich keywords.

Its estimated traffic is more than 2lakh plus and more than 100+ categories are listed in the entertainment category.

Apne Tv is not only getting website visitors from the USA and Canada other foreign countries like Uk, Germany, Australia, and Nepal also visit.

What to watch on Apne Tv?

Apne Tv has vast categories to watch movies, series, and serials from Bollywood and Pak media. 

It allows users to download it in high quality or watch it online anytime and anywhere. Let’s see some of the most popular genres on ApneTV


  1. Latest newswatch the latest news and gossip about your favorite celebs.
  2. Hindi serialswatch and download the most popular Indian and Pakistani dramas and serials like Anupama, Bade ache lagte hai, the Kapil Sharma show, shark tank India, imli, and many more.
  3. Channelswatch popular Hindi channels directly like starplus, sony tv, sab tv, colors, zee tv, And tv, etc.
  4. Pakistani Dramaswatch popular Pakistani dramas like akhir kab tak, Amanat, Bebaak, Benam, aye must a khaak and many more.
  5. Web seriesWatch new web series like lockup, The fame game, rocket boys, scam 1992, bhaukal, and more.

With the plethora of viewing options Apne tv is leading in this segment.

How to download from ApneTv

There are two ways you can watch on ApneTv. First is directly access the website and second is you can download the mobile application for android phone.

Let’s see both the way step by step

How to download from the website

Step 1. Open this website https://apnetv.me/ in your browser.

Step 2. Register yourself on the website which is an optional part. Users can register by email or directly with google.

Step 3. On the home page, there will be options listed and categories you can choose what you want to watch. Click on the poster and you will be redirected to the download option.

Step 4. If you want the latest links of download directly you can join the telegram channel of Apne Tv.

How to download from mobile app

Step 1. Visit the website and in the footer, there will be a link to download the mobile application for android.

Step 2. Once you download the application then open it you’ll see the same layout as the website there.

Step 3. Choose your favorite show or movie and download it directly into your mobile phone.

Pros of ApneTv

  1. Vast categories – There are more than 10 categories to watch from with many latest and most popular options available.
  2. Telegram channel – Apne Tv has a telegram channel with 1k plus members where they put the latest download links of newly released episodes and movies.
  3. No ads – There are no ads on the website to distract users from the main content. The design of the website so simple and easy to use. No fake redirection links are there which is a good thing.
  4. Free – Users can download at zero cost, the website does not charge anything from them.
  5. Customer support – provides customer support through email, contact form, and live support. This is one of the best features they are providing.

Cons of ApneTv

  1. Piracy – On Apne Tv, some of the shows, movies, series available for download are pirated and leaked and it’s advised not to do. 
  2. Availability – Apne Tv is available only out of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

How to use Apne Tv in India?

As mentioned earlier in the article Apne Tv is not supported in many Asian countries like India, Pakistan, etc. 

If users want to access this site they need to follow some steps mentioned below.

How to download movies and series from Apne Tv in inda?

Step 1: Decide whether you want to download on a laptop or mobile phone.

Step 2: if you’re downloading on a laptop you need to connect VPN. keep VPN location as USA, Canada, or London.

Step 3: There are some free VPNs available but they have limited options if users can purchase a plan they can extend the limit also.

Step 4: If users want to download in mobile phone there is a free VPN application they can use with limited access.

Step 5: go to the chrome browser preferably but can use any other also and open incognito mode.

Step 6. Insert the URL of the website and see if it’s working or not.

Note: If the still website does not load you can go to the browser settings and clear cookies and history.

Apne Tv Alternatives

Apne Tv has all the content available that is popular and new but it is banned in India and some other Asian countries. 

So, people who live here want to watch or download they have relied on some other sources.

These sites are similar to Apne Tv but we request everyone to don’t support piracy only watch from authority providers.


Yes, it is safe, but the user needs to take note that the URL is not redirecting to any spammy or malicious website.

No, it is free and for further updates, you can join the official telegram channel.

No, India and some of the Asian countries can not use this website. Either you can use a VPN or an alternative to Apne TV.

No, you can only download Hindi movies, serials, and series. 

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia are the countries where it is most famous.

Yes, by using a VPN it is possible.


At Bollywoodnewsflash, we neither endorse nor promote film piracy in any way. We are just a medium to circulate the latest news and current happenings in the entertainment world.

Please note that piracy is a crime and falls under a serious offense of the Copyright Act, 1957.

The above information is published to inform general users about the growing menace of piracy and also to take necessary steps while selecting websites that are free from the infringement of copyright.

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