July 17, 2024

Johnsteve69lol Viral video | Fact check of viral video

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The Internet has given the opportunity to people to express their emotions, expression, and voice.  Every other day, people are getting viral and becoming sensations. 

Here we are going to find out about one such Twitter user named Johnsteve69lol who went viral because one video shared by him went viral.

Let’s find out about him more and that viral video shared by him.

Who Is Johnsteve69lol

John stave is the name of the person and has an account on Twitter named johnsteve69lol.

Today he has 1242 followers on Twitter and follows the only person “Elone must” which is not pretty obvious.

There is no other information available about him online like his occupation, where he lives, or age.

It was just a fluke and he went viral because of the video he shared on Twitter and it went viral.

johnsteve69lol video

The video johnsteve69lol shared was about a couple which is quite interesting. Because the boy is 19 years old and dating a woman age like her grandmother.

johnsteve69lol video

Yes, the video called Leo love or Leo love eating twitter went viral because it is shared on the Twitter handle of John steve and the video featured intimate scenes of the couple we talked about.

The real video could not be shared here because of its content but there are some images you can see to get the whole idea about this drama. 

What happened to johnsteve69lol

Just after the video went viral Twitter suspended its account because the video had prohibited content to be shared on social media platforms.

However, the video also got deleted from the account, and users were disappointed because of this action from Twitter.

Still, enormous users were coming to the account wanting to watch that video but there was nothing and as a result,  #johnsteve69lol went viral with thousands of tweets.

Till today users want to see that video and twitting about that as well check the below tweets.

Here is a tweet of one epic reaction that came from one user.

Final Words

The reality of Johnsteve69lol incident is quite funny and humorous. How one account went viral just because of a random video shared by him. This blog covered all the aspects related to this. Such as who is Johnsteve69lol? What he did do? What video was that and many more? 

If you are more interested in this thing then go to the Twitter link embedded in this blog and read all the tweets and retweets of people.


His Twitter account got banned and that video also got deleted from the platform.

He shared a funny video like a meme featuring a couple where a 19-year boy has a girlfriend of her grandmother’s age. 

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