May 28, 2024

Lucindaskitchen spurtle review

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Lucindaskitchen spurtle review and other similar products are mentioned in this article to make your purchasing experience better and get the best deal.

Who is Lucinda?

Lucinda Scala Quinn is the James Beard Award-winning author of five publications, including Mad Hungry Family, Mad Hungry Cravings, Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys, Lucinda’s Rustic Italian Kitchen, and Jamaican Cooking: 150 Roadside and Homestyle Recipes. 

Lucinda is an Emmy Award winner who hosted Everyday Food on PBS for six seasons and appears on both morning television and QVC on a regular basis. Lucinda is a former senior vice president and director of food and entertaining at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as well as the host of her own television show, Mad Hungry: Reclaiming the Family Meal. 

Moreover, She is the founder of Mad Hungry and lives and cooks in New York City with her husband and three boys.

This was the background of Lucinda scala Quinn to make things clear about her. She has achieved many things in this niche.

What is Lucindaskitchen?

Lucindaskitchen is a brand established by Lucinda scala Quinn famous author of many recipe books.

You can find spurtles set on the official website which has become popular in the mean time. Today we are going to review the well-known product spurtles multiuse utensils set.

Product Description – Spurtles

Lucindaskitchen claims that these spurtles can replace all the extra things you have in your kitchen for different tasks.

About Product

  • It is multiple use and multipurpose since it has potential to replace all other kitchen utensils.
  • Acacia wood which is used in the making of this spurtles makes it premium and unique.
  • It is uniquelly designed to stir, flip, scrape and spread much easily.
  • Designed to leave no food behind. Angled tip fits perfectly into pan corners &edges.

There are two types of sets as mentioned below.

Hero set

  1. 1 Spreader spurtle
  2. 1 Scraper spurtle
  3. 1 Medium Slotted Spurtle
  4. 1 Super Spurtle

Bonus offers

  1. 1 Original Solid Spurtle
  2.  1 Medium Slotted Spurtle
  3. 1 Small Original Spurtle
  4.  1 Skinny Spurtle


The price segment is so exciting like you can buy a hero set at $19.99 + S&H and if you want a special bonus offer then you can only add $9.99 and get the leverage of the bonus.

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  1. Premium material used

Spurtles are made of premium acacia wood. Which is naturally lightweight, sturdy, and antimicrobial. 

  1. Scratch proof

Spurtles will not harm cookware while in use, making them ideal for deep stirring or scraping items off pan edges into serving plates.

  1. Elongated Design

The ergonomic design handles chores that demand “hard lifting,” and no food is left behind.

  1. Easy To Clean

Hand washes in warm, soapy water and air dry.

  1. All In One

It’s a “do-it-all” tool that can stir, flip, scrape, spread, and whisk.

  1. Multiuse

Spurtles replace cooking tools that clutter your kitchen, providing you with adaptable, multifunctional utensils that may be used in lieu of others.


  1. Price

Price could be a major factor because there are many same products available on amazon which is way cheaper than this but the quality of that products are still questionable. 

  1. Range of products

Other brands seem to have more variety and combinations but lucindaskitchen offers only two sets as mentioned above.

  1. Availability

People can buy these products only from the official website of lucindaskitchen other than that there is no option to buy from Amazon or Alibaba eCommerce platform. 

User Review

User review is the most important thing when you purchase something online. It was hard for us to find lucindaskitchen spurtle review other than their own website. 

  1. Looks good works great

I admit I bought them for looks, but this is actually a really functional set of tools. I’ve been using them exclusively, leaving out spatulas and cooking spoons, and I don’t miss the old tools. Stirring, mixing, sautéing (I can’t flip my food around in a pan very well 😆), even serving, since they look so nice. These feel nice in my hand—like an extension of my hand—and it’s nice to work with food using them. 


  1. Where have you been all my life

I’ve thrown away my wooden spoons–don’t need them, I have Spurtles now and I’ll never go back. the 4-pack has all the sizes I need. perfect for stirring, scraping, and even serving. the perfect utensil. the acacia is sturdy, easy to clean (except for the one with the slots in it), and more environmentally sound than wood. Highly recommended for any kitchen. 


  1. Ergonomic and great on non-stick cookware

I have used the big one with slats so far and I love it. I have arthritis in my hand and these are easy to use, ergonomically. I mainly cook in non-stick cookware and this spurtle is great to use on them. I might gift one of them to my cousin who is a great cook and keep the small one for future use. 


Personal Opinion

  • Lucindaskitchen is well known brand in selling utensils and reviews are quite good.
  • In this price segment it is a good deal to buy this products.
  • Build quality is extremely good and looks premium in the kitchen
  • It is multiuse that is why it can replace all other unnecessary utensils in your kitchen.
  • You can trust this brand.

Similar products

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Final words

Hope this review of lucindaskitchen spurtle helped you to clear your mind before purchasing it. To help you buy we also added some other products which will help you to make a better choice. 

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