May 27, 2024

New baby gifts | Top 20 affordable options in 2022

New baby gifts

Choosing a perfect gift for a baby is a little confusing and cumbersome. You need to see all around places and choose one thing.

Moreover, there are so many options available to choose from and this makes it even worse.

So, in this article, we have researched the top 15 new baby gifts from that are reliable and also pocket friendly.

Now you do not need to go and explore each and every category of gifts just go through this blog and make your choice.

New baby gifts

1. baby bath wrap

Pink Unicorn hooded baby bath wrap

Pink Unicorn hooded baby bath wrap
  • For girls and boys
  • Category: Bath
  • price $35

After a bath, the baby will cuddle up for maximum comfort and enjoy drying off with this warm, comfy baby bath wrap.

The hooded baby animal towel’s charming, intricate face and tail are just too cute.

The best luxury baby gift is made with 100% cotton velour terry for maximum quality & softness.


  • After a bath, a hooded baby towel keeps the child warm and content.
  • Taking a bath is a necessary baby registry or baby shower gift.
  • tumble dry low after cold machine washing
  • Velour terry made entirely of cotton
  • For simple hanging, the hood features a loop.
  • Fits 0-24M
  • Size: 23 by 31 in.

2. Cutie Teether

Cutie teether

cutie teether
  • For girls
  • Category – Jewelry
  • Price $15

Our Cutie Teether functions as both a rattle and a teether! Cutie Teether is just what your child needs if they are teething!

The Cutie Teether is safe, non-toxic, and devoid of BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, and latex because it is constructed entirely of food-grade silicone.

Both the FDA and the US CPSC have authorized the Cutie Teether. Cutie Teethers complement and fasten to Cutie Clips as well.


  • Use soap and water to wash Cutie Teether, then let it air dry.
  • Washing in a dishwasher or sterilizer is not recommended.


  • Use under strict supervision only.
  • Before every usage, check for damage and toss it.
  • Never let a youngster use it while sleeping, and never tie it over the child’s neck. contains tiny pieces.
  • *Surprise Cutie Products could have very minor flaws.
  • Although Ryan & Rose takes great pride in its products’ high quality, occasionally an error may occur.
  • These flaws don’t compromise the product’s quality, but Ryan & Rose demands a higher level of visual perfection.
  • **Due to a limited supply of Cutie Teethers, you might get duplicate Core/LE colors if you order more than 4 surprise Cutie Teethers.

3. Security blanket

Fawn snuggler swirl push security blanket

secuirty blanket for baby
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Layette
  • Price $27

This season, our best-selling Snuggler infant security blankets debut a fresh appearance in a memento box that makes the ideal present.

Our selection of animal baby security blankets is a perennial favorite when looking for the ideal new baby gift because they are so plush and cuddly.

These new plush swirl bodies are an extension of our flat security blankets, with a rounded form that makes cuddling easier.

For the ideal baby gift combination that any child is sure to adore, pair these baby security blankets with a matching goodnight huggie plush toy or cotton knit baby blanket.


  • 100% polyester baby security blanket
  • Features plush stuffed animal head
  • Includes hand-illustrated gift box
  • Perfect size for babies on the go
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

4. Animal Lamp

Animal Lamps

animal lamp
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Room decor
  • Price $25

This adorable lamp will light up your loved ones’ room and their smile! Perfect gift for all ages.


  • Turns 9 different colors
  • Dimmer, brightness controls & timers
  • Made out of squishy silicone material

Comes with

  • Lamp
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • User Manual

5. Record Book

Blue baby boy record book

baby boy record book
  • For baby boys
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $18

With this Lil’ Peach Chevron Baby Memory Book, you may create a memento that future generations will treasure.

Use this journal and album to document your baby’s developmental milestones.

A space for the baby’s picture and a chevron pattern is included on the blue and white cover.


  • 46 fill-in journal pages to record memories
  • Cover features a ribbon accent and an opening for one 3 inch by 3 inch photo
  • Acid-free pages preserve your photos
  • Comes with a clear plastic protective cover
  • Dimensions: 10.75″ in x 9″ in

6. Doll stroller

Traditional pink heart doll stroller

baby dall stroller
  • For baby girls
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $118

From their original, highest-quality line of opulent wooden mobility toys, comes this Moover CLASSIC toy.

The traditional Danish-designed Dolls Pram (or Stroller, as it is more often called in North America) is straightforward and fashionable. It is reliable and durable to keep your baby moving when they take its first steps.


  • enhancing motor abilities, boosting walking confidence, and promoting role-play and imagination
  • FSC-CERTIFIED: 18mm plywood wheels with rubber TPE tyres and 9mm low-density fiberboard
  • All paint is non-toxic, water-based, and environmentally friendly.
  • Danish designers
  • 18 months and older
  • Size: 17.7 x 17.7 x 9.45 inches (43 x 44 x 24 cm)

7. Wooden bead frame

Blue wooden bead frame toy-medium

wooden bead frame
  • For boys and girls
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $88

This new wooden bead toy will keep your baby and kids busy for hours.


  • Slide freely and smoothly back and forward on the wooden poles.
  • Educational wooden mathematics teaching aids or toys for kids.
  • Comes with two supports, a folding design, and it is very stable to stand and convenient to carry.
  • Teach your baby how to use a counting frame, it trains your baby’s fine motor skills and develops eye-hand coordination ability.


  • Wooden
  • Dimensions: Width 22.3″ x Height 25″ x Thickness x 3″cm

8. Hooded towel

Bear Hooded Towel

  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Bath
  • Price $33

Beautiful bear hooded towel ideally made for babies. This is so comfy and made with soft material to make the baby feel warmth.

After a shower, this is the best thing a baby needs to dry.

9. Beaded Bracelets

Red Beaded Bracelets

red beaded bracelets
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Jewelry
  • Price $30

This lovely bracelet is ideal for your child.

This bracelet, which features stunning colored beads, is sure to brighten any ensemble.

It came in Different Colors and Styles

This thing fits inside our balloon-shaped present!

10. Heart earrings

White heart earrings

white heart earring
  • For Girls
  • Category – Jewelry
  • Price $18

Your young princess will look stunning wearing this gorgeous pair of heart-shaped earrings!

Different Styles

3mm in size

This thing fits inside our balloon-shaped present!

11. Heart Pin

Heart pin

heart pin
  • For girls
  • Category – Jewelry
  • Price $15

This pin is for baby girls and it will really look darling on your cute little princess.

Item is available in many variants so you can choose any from the options. In different formats heart will be in different shapes.

12. Girl BIB

Girl BIB

girl bib
  • For Girls
  • Category – Layetter
  • Price $18

Beautiful imitation leather bibs that are machine clean and wipeable. Easy to Use, Terry Backing, and Easy to Clean! Perfect bib, ever.

These lovely bibs genuinely make your kids seem adorable. Feel good about keeping them dressed and clean. Ideal baby gift or holiday gift! Small (Newborn – 18 months) Medium (1-5 yrs) Large (4-8 yrs)

13. Sweater moccs

Ivory sweater moccs

sweater moccs
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Layette
  • Price $45

The softest wool and a looped stitch leather sole are used to make the handmade sweater moccasins.

These shoes are the most comfortable for any infant because of the soft inside lining. Definitely stay on the baby’s feet!

18-24 Months in Size

14. Crochet Bear Toque

Ivory Crochet Bear Toque

crochet bear toque
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Layette
  • Price $21

Cozy soft and just the right pinch of quirky, the crochet bear toque puts the ‘fun’ in function.

Size – 3-6 months

15. Crochet knit hoodie

Pink crochet knit hoodie

Pink crochet knit hoodie
  • For Girls and boys
  • Category – Layette
  • Price $48

This lovely crochet knit hoodie includes handcrafted wooden buttons and is made entirely of cotton fibers.


  • Oversized hood
  • Ideal for 6-12 months

16. Hand and footprint kit

Baby girl hand and footprint kit

baby girl hand and footprints
  • For girls and boys
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $12

They won’t have those tiny fingers for very long! With the help of this baby prints hand and footprint kit, you may create a timeless memento of your child’s hand or foot.

an enjoyable pastime you can appreciate for years! includes an easel.

17. stroller (Pram) – Red

Firetruck stroller (Pram) – Red

firetruck stroller
  • For boys
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $88

This Moover ESSENTIAL Stroller was created in Denmark and is one of the slightly more affordable, lightweight stroller options we offer. After your baby takes their first steps, the gender-neutral Fire Truck design will keep them moving while stimulating their curiosity.

 FOR KIDS: 18+ months, developing motor abilities, increasing comfort when walking, promoting role-playing and creativity. FSC-CERTIFIED: 18mm plywood wheels with rubber TPE tyres are mounted on 9mm low-density fiberboard. All paint is non-toxic, water-based, and environmentally friendly. 

*Please note that Moover CLASSIC strollers do not require assembly, should that be a better alternative for you. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: 15.7 x 18.5 x 9 inches (40 x 47 x 23 cm)

18. sunny day gymini

 Meadow Days sunny day gymini

  • For boys and girls
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $52

The Sunny Days Gymini is a cutting-edge developmental mat that takes a baby on an explorational adventure.

 It is filled with enjoyable and difficult games, amiable characters, and brilliant colours. 

The development of the baby was carefully considered in the design of the Gymini, which encourages exploration, education, and growth. 

The baby is welcomed into the Gymini with adorable toys and characters they will like, including a musical toy that the baby can activate.

19. Rainbow ring stacking tower

Mini pastel Rainbow ring stacking tower

stacking tower
  • For boys and girls
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $10
  • Stack them!
  • Count them!
  • Love them!
  • Your child will spend hours playing with this adorable rainbow-colored stacking toy!


  • Counting 
  • Color Recognition


  • Wooden
  • Ages 2+

20. cars for baby with map

Soft toy cars for baby with map

soft toy cars for baby with map
  • For Boys and Girls
  • Category – Toys
  • Price $27

Pull-back cars for babies and toddlers are soft, colorful, enjoyable, and simple to operate. Soft and machine-washable with cotton filling.

 4 soft toy trucks and cars are included. Innovative and incredibly portable A playmat that collapses into a carrying bag is part of the design! Wherever you go, bring the greatest toys for a one-year-old boy or girl! Unlimited Playability! With this soft pullback vehicle playground for toddlers, you can keep your little monster occupied for hours. 

Let their imaginations run free by simply unfolding the bag into a fantastic city playmat! The new favorite toy for your baby! excellent item to give to young children! The ideal toy for girls and boys who are 1 to 2 years old is this one! High-quality, enjoyable, secure, and affordable.

Things to consider before buying a gift for a baby

Here is a small checklist you should prepare before exploring the options for gifts. 

This will make your shopping journey even easier because you know what exactly you are looking for rather than seeing hundreds of items around.

  1. Age – note down the age of the baby, from the age 1-4 will be counted in baby only rest will be kids or adults.
  1. Gender – you want a gift for a girl or a boy because there are so many different gifts that come in gender base. Because things like towels, toys, and perfumes are designed differently for boys and a girl.
  1. Category – instead of exploring a whole range of products shop by category. The main categories are bath, jewelry, layette, perfume, room decor, and toys.
  1. Budget – basically all products start from $10 and go up to $500. So make a mind how much you wanna spend and then start searching.


Bubleblastte is a quite famous e-commerce website where people can buy gifts for newborn babies to age 10.

the best thing about this platform is it has a wide range of products that are affordable too. moreover, user reviews are more than the average.

we have listed this website after examining its online reviews and what people talk about it in the offline market.

All the toys and gifts are reliable and the quality is top notch plus bubleblastte provides better service in terms of shipping, additionally, the refund and return policy is a cherry on top.


I have covered the new baby gifts you can buy. This article has the top 20 gifts that you can buy on the basis of their category, price, and descriptions.

1. Is legit?

There is no online review from the existing users available so we can not say if this is legit or not.

2. Does ship worldwide?

NO, it is available in a few countries only, and other information regarding shipping and payment you can find on the official website.

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