June 15, 2024

Top 4 Benefits of 3D Product Designing

benefits of 3d product design

3D design has been around for quite some time now, but it still needs to be better. In fact, the
technology behind 3D modeling has improved dramatically over the last few years, and this has
led to many new benefits for businesses. To help you understand how 3D product design can
benefit your business, they’ve listed some of the most common advantages.

1. Better Communication

3D product modeling is a breeze. The visualizations are clear and easy to understand, and the
entire team can get on board with the ideas much more quickly than they would otherwise.
Because of this, it’s easier to communicate with one another as well. This includes:
● Better communication between members of the design team (who may not always be in
the same place).
● Better communication between members of different teams working on the same project
(for example, engineering or manufacturing).

2. Faster Iteration

One of the biggest benefits of 3D models is that they can be modified easily. The ability to
change a 3D model quickly and easily is very advantageous in product design because it allows
you to test numerous options quickly. Once your customer sees your prototype, they will offer
feedback and ideas on how to improve it. With traditional methods, this could take weeks or
months, while with 3D modeling software, it only takes seconds!
In addition, since you can “see” what your product will look like from every angle before you
create it physically, you also save time by eliminating mistakes that would otherwise happen
during production.
According to Adobe Substance 3D experts, “A 3D-centered workflow can drastically reduce the
costs associated with design iteration and prototyping, while allowing these steps to be done
more quickly.”

3. Faster Time to Market

You don’t need to be a designer or engineer to understand that 3D modeling is a better way to
communicate your vision. The bridging of the physical and digital worlds allows you to see your
product in its entirety, giving you greater insight into how it will look, feel and function.

These benefits are amplified when you’re working with multiple stakeholders on an
interdisciplinary team (e.g., engineers, marketing managers and salespeople). By using a 3D
model as part of the design process, everyone has access to the same information — no more
miscommunication about dimensions or materials used! This leads to faster iterations that result
in high-quality products because everyone has been involved from conception through

4. Better user experience

3D product design helps you to create a better user experience. It gives a realistic look and feel
of the product, which makes it more intuitive for users to understand its functionality. Plus, with
3D product designing tools like Tinkercad or Solidworks, you can test your designs in real-time
on your computer screen before going into production. This will help you save time and money
while designing new products that are more likely to be successful in the marketplace because
they are more accurate and realistic than flat 2D drawings.
3D design is a powerful tool for product managers. It allows you to communicate ideas more
clearly, iterates quickly on your designs and time to market, and creates better user
experiences. As you’ve seen above, the 3D design makes it easier for people to work together
in different locations or time zones.

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