June 15, 2024

Grandma Streams | User guide for 2022

Grandma Streams

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There are millions of fans of NBA, MFL, MLB, and NHA worldwide, and the craze is really unbelievable.

The problem most viewers worldwide find is that these leagues are telecasted on dedicated channels which have the right to telecast them. 

However, TV channels like sony ESPN, TNS, TBS, and USA networks are not available to watch outside some particular countries so the user has to find an alternative to it, and here comes the role of streaming channels.

What this streaming channel does is it charges some amount based on its revenue model and shares a live link to sports streaming to their subscriber.

This is how even if a user sitting in any corner of the world he/she would be able to watch a live stream online.

What is Grandma Streams

Grandma streams is a streaming platform that works on a subscription model and is widely popular in the USA, Canada, and the UK it streams the most popular shows like MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. 

It has more than 2k plus members and most 590 users were online at one point in time.

On grandma streams, users can search for a show or browse available streaming now. Also, it provides a support option if a user needs help regarding streaming links or if any confusion is there.

The best part about this platform is it shows how many members are online now and the new users can sign up through their email id and join the forum.

The viewer who has recently joined the platform can easily explore the topics which are already discussed and posts other viewers have made.

How does Grandma Streams work

Grandma streams have adopted a subscription-based model where the user has to pay monthly in order to access the live streaming of their favorite show.

There are two types of subscription tiers are available one is Premium VIP and the second is UFC only.

You can subscribe to any tier according to your needs. 

Have a look at the table below to show the comparison of both tiers.

Premium VIPUFC Only
$7 per month $5 per month
Boxing BoutsBoxing Bouts
College footballNA
College basketball NA
UEFA champions/
Europe leagues
Tennis/ golfNA

Here are the steps to make you understand how new/old user can watch streaming on Grandma Streams.

Step 1: Open the official website https://www.grandma.link/. There in the right corner you’ll see an option for signup/login.

Step 2: choose signup if you are a new user or sign in with your credentials.

Step 3: choose the plan you want to purchase according to your needs and pay for it.

Step 4. Next, you’ll be able to join the forum now, and their live streaming links will be posted. According to your subscription plan, you can watch.

How to find a stream on grandma streams

Depending on what you want to watch there are 2 ways you can find streams on grandma streams.

First, on the Menu bar there is a second option named “Activity” under that go to Activity > Search. 

Here you will find shows, links, and topics you want to see.

Second, go to the forum and the user can find links to live streams posted by the admin.

Is grandma streams safe

As per the user reviews and community grandma streams we can say that yes, it is safe.

Sadly, this platform is not accepting new registration and the reason for that is still not disclosed yet.

Grandma Streams

But it is still working for existing users.

Existing users can sign in with their login credentials and use this streaming platform and enjoy.

If we check their Twitter handle then there are not many complaints about this streaming platform from users and they say it is worth spending money on.

Is Grandma Stream legal

Who can we call a legal streaming platform?

The service provider who has legal rights and agreement with producers or distributors to stream shows, movies, or serials online on their platform can be called legal streaming.

Not only grandma streams but there are ample amount of platforms available online.

 It is your duty as a user to check whether this streaming channel has legal rights or is partnered with particular authorized producers or distributors.

Grandma Streams Alternative

1. ApneTv

ApneTv is a platform available on the internet where people can download and watch pirated or leaked Indian and Pakistani movies, series, and sports streaming.

But mobile applications are not available internationally in that situation websites like Apne Tv plays a major role in fueling entertainment in people’s life.

It was launched in 2018 and since then it is providing entertainment through Bollywood, Pakistani shows to the people

2. Universal Sports TvPlus

The Universal Sports TV Plus app has search capabilities, allowing users to find new TV series, movies, and other forms of entertainment directly on their mobile phone screen. You can pick the desired sports to obtain recommendations for sports channels based on your requirements.

Users may save channels, programs, and other content to a favorite folder for later viewing and share the link with family members through email or text message. The Universal Sports TV Plus: PTV Sports Live Stream software allows you to adjust the video quality of the stream to save data.

3. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a live streaming service that provides live score, sports news, data, and player information for NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, and NHL hockey. CBS Sports covers the whole range of sports, from preps to pros, and provides quality entertainment across all digital screens. For sports enthusiasts, it provides daily live coverage and exclusive access to one of the sporting events, as well as live or on-demand films, in-depth analysis from an expert panel, scores, and statistics.

It also becomes a high school sports source in America, covering every game, team, and player. The website’s main page displays real-time match statistics as well as the names of both teams. Another appealing aspect is that if you missed the game due to a hectic schedule, you may watch the highlights in full resolution without interruption.

4. Sports Flick

Sports Flick is a sports app introduced to the market by Sports Flick that offers monthly and yearly membership packages to allow users to watch trending matches at their fingertips.

Users may sort the list of available matches using various criteria such as category, sports kind, date, time, and place name. Sports Flick — Live Sports & On-Demand software allows you to share a game with family members by publishing a link to their social media account.

5. SportsCam

SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard software allows sports lovers from all over the world to share a live stream with their friends by uploading it to their social media platforms.

Users may watch a match on the go by typing the name of the sport, the name of the match, or keywords into the search field. SportCam app displays information about a match such as participant teams, match venue, time, date, and so on.

6. SuperSports Beta

SuperSport Beta is a digital sports companion software that includes features such as adding a sport to the favourites area to get matches and highlights directly on the notification panel. After connecting their mobile phone to an active internet connection, users may watch a live match.

The SuperSport Beta app has a simple UI with buttons on the home page that allow you to access the news feed, scoreboard, videos, search bar, settings, and profile area. Users can choose a day and time to get notifications regarding their preferred sport.

7. FlashScore

FlashScore offers over 38 sports’ expertise and information to your smartphones and tablets, allowing you to access it whenever you want. FlashScore is a fantastic product given to the market by FlashScore Inc. that provides one of the most authentic apps for obtaining accurate information about a variety of sports in real time. You may choose your most likely matchups, players, or whole teams in any of the 6000+ rivalries.

Its extensive coverage includes updates on tennis, football, hockey, rugby, cricket, and over 30 more sports. The Flash Score app covers over 6K competitions from across the world and allows you to track over 1.2K football competitions. Its beautiful and user-friendly notification and alert system keeps you up to date on match data, lineups, goals, and other pertinent information regarding the current game. You must choose your most likely matches and then wait for your cell phones to notify you of everything.

8. FotMod

FotMob provides live match summaries, live scores, match commentary, stats, news, fixtures, and a plethora of other information for your favourite matches in your most likely leagues. Soccer Scores – FotMob is a fantastic platform produced in the market by NorApps AS Inc. that provides you with all of the facts, narratives, scores, and practically all of the vital information about matches that you like watching on TV.

FotMob – Scores, Video Highlights, and News App provides tailored news and notifications that make it simple to follow your favourite players and teams. You may experience lightning-fast match updates and never miss out on game highlights.

9. Forza Football

Forza Football is one of the top football applications, with an exclusive community of over 5 million die-hard football lovers worldwide, created and released by Forza Football Inc. Forza Football – Live Soccer Scores and Videos The app allows you to view live scores of all major league and international matches on your cell phone or tablet.

Forza Football – Live Soccer Results app provides live scores, video highlights of matches, and football updates for over 420 notable football leagues throughout the world. It is the perfect app for live matches, football highlights, information about favourite clubs, and all of the most exciting leagues from around the world.

10. EuroSports

Eurosport is a unique software that allows you to get the latest sports news and updates immediately on your phone or tablet. Eurosport is a great sports software released by Eurosport Inc. that allows you to get updates on the most unique sports. It provides you with the most advanced and greatest sports news experience available.

With this software, you can accurately obtain all of the major matches and races with live commentary in the form of text. The app includes around 150 sports news stories that are exclusively updated by a team of its journalists. The Eurosport app also provides news analysis in the form of videos, allowing you to learn everything more thoroughly.

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