June 15, 2024

Smihub | Instsgram story viewer Smihub

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Smihub is an Instagram stalking platform that allows you to download or view the profile of someone anonymously and it is free of cost.

Today social media has become an essential part of our life like food and shelter people are becoming addicted to it and not able to stay away for a minute.

On social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. people meet each other become friends, and share their social life with each other through images and stories.

Meanwhile, people also find someone with whom they do not have a direct connection but want to keep eye on their life. Most social media apps do not provide features to stalk someone else’s profile and download their images and videos for later use.

Since Instagram does not provide any feature to download someone’s picture or story from their profile people have to rely on third-party platforms.

Although there are hundreds of platforms available to do the same all of them have some limitations like they are paid, come with a watermark, or limited use.

But here I have brought one website which allows you to stalk anonymously and download photos and videos free of cost, with no limits, and without watermark watermarks.

About smihub

 Smihub is a well-known and popular website to spy on Instagram profiles. It is easy to use the platform and easily available on the internet.

How to use smihub

The features are quite simple and easily understandable for everyone. Also, smihub is now rebranded as Dumpor.
Step 1: Click on the link or type in google Smihub and you’ll see the homepage like this.


Step 2: In the search bar write the username of the profile you want to stalk, like here we have written the username “nba” 


Click on the search and you’ll get to see relevant profiles so you can choose whichever you want to open.

Step 3: on the screen, you will see profiles, posts, reels, and stories they post. Also, a number of likes, comments and tagged posts also.


Step 4: if you click on the download from Instagram button then it’ll ask you for the URL to download a particular thing. Next, it will be downloaded to your device.

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Features of smihub

  1. Available on web

It is so convenient to use this platform because it is available on the web you can just search it on google and land on the website. Do not need to download any application or software.

  1. User-friendly UI

The user interface is so friendly that anyone can use this without confusion. Most features are on the point and accessible from the home page. 

  1. Multilingual 

A website can be accessed in more than one language like English, Russian, etc. so around the globe anyone can easily access it and use it.

  1. Free of cost 

People can download reels and photos also stalk anonymously anyone for unlimited times. 

  1. Stay anonymous

People can stay anonymous and stalk as many profiles they want and their identity will not be revealed. You can this is the safest platform you need.

  1. No watermark

Downloaded videos or photos will not have any watermark behind it. You can download it without showing the real author’s name and that is the plus point of this web platform.

  1. Analyze profiles

Surf profiles and analyze them such as likes, comments, and followers. Even recent stories posted by users can be seen and you can download reels also.

Smihub Reviews

Smihub is popular all over the world but the highest search volume it gets from the USA, Uk, and Australia.

The reason is the majority of English speaking young generation resides in this country and as Instagram is more famous among teenagers and adults it drives maximum user sessions from these places.

If we talk about reviews of smihub then it gets monthly 1.3 million visits according to data available on similarweb. Not only this but the average per-user session time is 1 minute which is quite impressive.

Interestingly the majority of user around 63% is male and the rest 37% is female users on this platform. 

Also, people directly search the smihub and trust this platform because it does not ask for social media credentials. And because of this privacy can be easily maintained. 

Moreover, if users stalk the profile, view likes and comments,s or even followers or follow it account holder will never get to know about this.

So, from the user perspective, it’s the best platform and you can check their social media for more reviews and ratings.

Is Smihub Anonymous

Yes, Smihub is anonymous because with its use of it user can only stalk Instagram profile which is public by default.

However, an advantage of using smihub is it is possible to download image reels or IGTV from the account user is stalking.

The account holder will never know that someone has searched their account and has downloaded media from it because no user login is required on smihub.

It’s one step process only, just go to the website and search the username that’s it and the whole Instagram feed will be fetched on screen.

Is Smihub safe

Today, for any individual safety is the main priority and the biggest concern is a data breach. Phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks are very common today so as a user we always have to be careful while sharing our personal credentials anywhere.

But, smihub is the platform that does not require any username or password of any of your social media.

Just go to the platform type in the Instagram username of the profile you want to see anonymously and download it in the local space whether on the phone or laptop.

So, no privacy issues are there so we can say smihub is safe to use.

Similar Sites like Smihub

  1. Igram

Story Saver for Instagram, developed by iGram.io, allows you to anonymously download any IG story to your device. iGram insta story saver is the perfect tool for those who need to download their own stories from Instagram to re-upload, repost, or for taking it in their own media library for future watching with friends. You can save stories from Instagram with no limits!

  1. Instadp

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you already know that Instagram stories are restricted to about fifteen seconds before moving on to the next fifteen-second story.

This captures the viewer’s attention and allows the viewer to watch more addictive, hilarious, and entertaining stories. Instagram stories also expire within 24 hours, so what happens when you find a story you want to save for offline viewing or share with a friend? It’s not possible to download others’ stories with the Instagram app, but we made it possible using our website.

  1. Storysaver

Instagram Stories and Highlights downloader. Online Easily with one simple click. Do not need App! A simple way to download stories, highlights from Instagram to your PC, MAC or Mobile.

  1. Toolzu

Instagram story viewer & downloader – Toolzu

best Instagram story viewer! you can watch Instagram stories anonymously and quickly without the need to log in or have an account.

  1. Instafinsta

Now you can download any public profile Stories anonymously without knowing them. You just paste any Public Instagram account profile URL inside the instafinsta Story Saver input box and click the search button. InstaFintsa automatically syncs its stories and provides you with downloadable links.

6. Snaptik

Snaptik is an application available on android and iOS devices that allows users to download TikTok videos without the watermark.

 people out there looking to download videos from TikTok and upload in on Instagram reels, WhatsApp, or other social media platform or to just keep it with them to see again and again without using the internet. 

Even though Tiktok has an inbuilt feature to download videos but it comes with a watermark of TikTok and the user who created the video.

However, with the use of SnapTik users can download unlimited videos free of charge in different resolutions.


Now it’s so easy to download Instagram stories, posts, and reels through smihub. I have mentioned features of it, usage, steps that’ll make things more clear. As a cherry on the top, there are some alternatives that are also mentioned. 


You only need to visit the website of smihub and add the Instagram profile URL you want to see. All the stories, reels, and photos posted by users will be shown there.

Yes, you can. It is possible to view Instagram story of any public account even if you are blocked by them.

No, there is no chance that users will be able to find who stalked their profile.

No, only public profiles can be viewed.

Yes, you can download stories, posts, and reels through platforms like smihub and others listed in the article.

 There is no limitation on downloading stories. Users can download as many stories and reels as they want to store.

you can view unlimited accounts anonymously.

No, it is only available on web platforms.

No, you do not need to log in nor need to share any personal credentials anytime. 

 yes, it is safe because there is no personal data sharing is involved or any login or signup required. 

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