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Max Linder cause of death | Max Linder biography

max linder cause of death and biography

In this article, you will find out the max linder cause of death and why he was always in the limelight for reasons like his wife, movies, physical features, and much more.

When films were not so famous, silent films were made. At that time, seeing the bravery of a young man, the audience was transported to a different world.

This young man was none other than French actor Max Linder.

Max was a prolific director, screenwriter, producer, and comedian in the 1910s. Max broke many records in his film career.

Max became the highest-paid actor in the world in 1910. About 25 films were made in his name.

Not only that, the first time the country was at war, he left films to join the army to join the World War, but Max had as much success in his professional life as he did in his personal life.

Suffering from chronic depression, Max’s nature became so suspicious that he killed his wife fearing that she might fall for someone else, and finally Max’s body was found in the hotel under mysterious circumstances.

when was max Linder born?

Max was born Gabriel Leuville on 16 December 1883 in St. Lobes, France. It was difficult to save Max’s life as he contracted cholera shortly after birth.

People suggested that Max should be given the tandoor flame. Max’s life was saved after this. When Max was a little older, the whole family decided to move to America when the family got into trouble, but Max stayed with his grandmother in France.

Max Linder wife

Max linder wife
Max Linder wife

Helen “Jean” Peters was the wife of max Linder they were married for 3 years from 1923 to 1925.

They married on 2 august 1923 at the Parisian church of st honore d’Eylau. Aslo lived in an apartment at 11 Bis Avenue.

Max Linder type of actor

Max Linder
Max Linder

Max Linder was a French actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and comic during the silent film era. 

One of the movie’s first recognizable recurrent characters was his on-screen persona, “Max.” Additionally, he has been referred to as the “first film star everywhere” and “the first international movie star”.

He soon won accolades for his performances and kept working toward a career in the actual theatre. 

From 1901 until 1904, he worked as a contract performer with the Bordeaux Théâtre des Arts, appearing in Molière, Pierre Corneille, and Alfred de Musset pieces.

Max Linder cause of death

Max Linder’s cause of death is still a mystery but there are two main conspiracy theories attached to it.

let’s explore them one by one.

1. According to his maid

She heard Max saying that he wanted to kill his wife. Mad said that Max wanted to kill himself, but he didn’t want his wife to be someone else’s after his death.

According to the New York Times, Hélène Linder wrote her mother a letter stating, “He will murder me.” According to the story, “no one believes she opened her veins herself.

2. Overdose of sleeping pills

They were both discovered asleep on February 24 in a hotel in Vienna, Austria, although this was attributed to an unintentional overdose of “sleeping powder.” 

The doctor lied about the occurrence, claiming that a barbiturate overdose was unintentional. According to reports, Max and Hélène passed away in a similar way in late October 1925 while seeing Quo Vadis in Paris.

They cut their wrists while injecting morphine and drinking Veronal. Peters passed away first, while Linder lay comatose on October 31 while physicians battled to save his life. On November 1, around midnight, he passed away.

Max Linder Career

Max has been interested in theater since he saw theater companies coming to the village as a child. This is why Max was admitted to an art school in 1899.

He stood first and third in the subjects of comedy and tragedy. After completing his studies, he joined several theater companies like Olympia.

Interesting Facts about max Linder

Fallen in love with younger sister

In 1888, when their farms suffered heavy losses, the entire family had to move to New York to make ends meet, but Max stayed with his grandmother in the village. He had three younger siblings.

His Father refused to write the surname

In 1903, Max was at odds with his father to the extent that his father asked him to remove his father’s name. 

If Max is to be believed, he adopted the stage name, Max Linder. Max Linder took his stage name after a boot shop.

When the age of films started, Max started getting small roles in films. French filmmaker Charles Path was impressed by her acting and wrote a letter saying, ‘I see your future in your eyes, you act, I will help you realize your dreams.

Between 1905-1907 Max Charles appeared in dozens of short comedy films, mostly in supporting roles. 

By 1907, he was recognized all over the country. When Charles’ leading comedian, Andre Deed, died, he was replaced by Max Linder, and from here his fortunes changed.

Spend hours in cold water to save his life

During World War I, which began in 1914, Max left films and joined the army. He wanted to be a soldier, but being unfit landed him a position in the army as a frontline dispatch driver.

When the situation worsened in the war, he had to hide for several hours in icy water to save his life from the German army, which caused him to develop pneumonia.

When the situation became serious, he had to leave the army. The effects of the war on his body were much greater than his body. He became a victim of chronic depression.

Depression And Failure

After the World War, Max became so depressed that he started treating people badly. On the sets, he started fighting with people and arguing with the filmmakers. He started taking drugs, due to which his mental condition also deteriorated.

Failed suicide attempt with wife

On 24 February 1924, Max Linder and his wife Helen were found under mysterious circumstances in a hotel in Austria. Both attempted suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, but Max later called it a mistake.

Max Linder Movies

Max has done many short silent films in his career but here are some mentioned which were most famous and gained popularity among the audience.

  1. Max comes across(1917)
  2. Max in the alps(1910)
  3. Maxim’s Porter
  4. Unforeseen meeting
  5. Max’s latest hobby
  6. Laugh with max linder
  7. The servant’s good joke
  8. Seven years bad luck
  9. King of the circus
  10. A conquest
  11. First night out
  12. Help
  13. Be my wife

Final Words

The life of max Linder has been controversial and has so many ups and downs. He was a renowned comedian and good actor but seems he had issues in his personal life.

This article has all the information netizens are interested to know and it is gathered from various trusted sources. 

We hope you enjoy reading this article and find insightful information.

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