July 17, 2024

Megapersonal – Find a perfect match near you

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Megapersonal –  in this article you will Find out how to use this application to find a perfect match for you to hook up with or friend at a nearby location on Megapersonal.

The online dating space has seen tremendous growth in the last decade mostly in western countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, and South America. 

Platforms like Megapersonal, Omegle, tinder, Bumble are some of the most popular platforms in recent time for online dating.

Alone in the US, by the end of 2021 300 million users were using this platform and it is expected to reach 53.3 million by the year 2024. With increasing users dating apps are generating big profits if we look at the figure in 2021 dating apps made 5.61 billion revenue globally.

By looking at the facts and figures we can predict that this industry is growing exponentially and more applications are coming in.

But from the user’s point of view which application to choose? And how to use those apps is the biggest confusion.

Here in this article, you will get all the answers related to Megapersonal a well-known platform to find a perfect partner for you.

About Megapersonal

Megapersonal is a platform popular in many countries and it has millions of active users. This platform is simple and easy to use for finding a partner to your nearby location.

The concept is very simple, users need to post a classified about them by selecting their location, gender preference, photo, and description.

On the other side, a person adds the same filters to meet up then those profiles will be shown up in the feed.

There are options for meetups like calls or emails given by the user. The good thing is there is no limitation to browse people nearby you. You can send emails or call as many people you want.

Moreover, this is a web-based application so no need to download any application, and no hidden charges are there.

Megapersonal has gained popularity in no time and more than 100k users are there on the website monthly.

Existing users have had a positive review about it and they did find a match for them. 

But many struggle to use this platform. Although it has simple UI and features there are tricks I’m going to tell you to find a match for you.

How to use Megapersonal

To use Megapersonal you need to visit their official site, there you will find all the details and features to access. 

There two main features of it 

  1. See classifieds
  2. Upload personal classifieds  

To just watch classifieds and reach their users do not need to login but to upload your personal classified user has to be logged in and verify the email.

Let’s look at both of the features one by one.

See classifieds

Step 1. Go to the official site of Megapersonal and there you will see a homepage like this.

Step 2. There will be an option of Select location, by clicking on that button user can set a location according to need.

Step 3. Then choose an appropriate option given below and what the user is looking for like 

  • Women seek men
  • Men seek women
  • Man seek man
  • Women seek women
  • Trans

Step 4. After selecting these two things and proceeding there will be a wall of posts and users can click on any classified ad to get more information.

Step 5. Read out the description and click on the post you are interested in.  next, there will be an option to call or email. Choose anything at your convenience.

2. Upload personal classifieds

Step 1: Go to the login page and fill in your details like email and password.

Step 2. Next, a verification email will be sent to the user’s registered email and the user can verify it.

Step 3. After verification is completed the user can upload personal classified with images, descriptions, contact details, and location.

Pros of Megapersonals

No doubt why this site is most loved and famous because of its feature and genuine support team.

Let’s see some of the advantages of using Megapersonals.

  1. International availability – This platform is available in most major countries like USA, Canada, Uk, and Europe. Even it is categorized in different states as well so based on that users can find their match in the exact location. Even if a person travels to new places this platform will be available to use.
  1.  Easy to use – Megapersonals is a vast platform with lakhs of users but the features and the website design are quite simple to use. From start to end the whole process is easy to understand and no need to see any tutorials.
  1. No hidden charges – Unlike other platforms megapersonals is a way more genuine and legit platform in terms of fees and charges. There are no charges to see and find a match for you and an individual user can post their own classifieds free of cost.
  1. Support team – Megapersonals have their support team to resolve queries of users. If the user has any issue regarding tech, advertisement, or scam they can simply submit the form and the team will be there to help.
  1. Scam alert – website algorithms are so strong that if any suspicious activity is being done by any user then IP will be blocked and tagged as bot.
megapersonal scam alert

On top of that, they have made guidelines to save people from fraud. Because the website is so popular others are trying to still user data by spoofing and to prevent them Megapersonals have made some awareness posts.

megapersonal scam alert

Megappersonal Alternatives

As we show in the introduction the dating app industry is a vast and profitable niche so it is obvious that there will be other competitors who might be strong or weak in some cases.

Let’s explore the other alternatives of Megapersonal and find out if they are worth using or not.

1. Tinder

megapersonal alternative tinder

Tinder is an online dating application currently most favorable in the market. This is a very easy-to-use app and has great features.  The application algorithm is very straight like users need to make a profile and add details like what they like, behavior, interested gender, and other stuff. On the other side if a person with the same specification searches then your profile will be popped in their feed.

If the user swipe right them it’ ’ll send a notification that someone is interested. But user gets a limited number of right swipes. In simple terms left swipe means to reject and right means select.


  • Match person with a passion
  • Local searches available
  • In-app video chat available 
  • Match with the international person
  • Become a verified user to get more right swipe

2. Omegle

megapersonal alternative Omegle

Omegle is another good alternative to Megapersonal. Omegle was launched very early and it actually disrupted the whole online dating scenario. Because it has an attractive feature that invites more and more people to come and explore the platform.

Here, use only needs to visit the website and according to their choice, they can select chat or video call. On basis of that algorithm will automatically match one with another stranger from anywhere.

Here user has no control over matches like anyone can come from any gender, country, age. But to be more specific there is a feature called common interest. Here users can input keywords of their interest and the algorithm will match the profile with having exact same keywords.

If you are confused about what random video chat site to use then read about Omegle alternative where you will get to see more than 20 different legit platforms.


  • No need to log in
  • No in-app purchase
  • Free of cost
  • Meet people internationally 
  • Available in web and mobile app
  • Privacy policies are there 

3. Bumble

megapersonal alternative Bumble

Nowadays, bumble is creating hype because of its revolutionary concept. The best thing about this app is it is founded by women and that is why they have taken care of women’s sentiments and built the whole idea of bumble around women as the first mover.

However, the idea of this dating app is quite similar to other apps but what differentiates it from others is women play a major role. On bumble, women make the first move and approach a man, unlike other apps men can not directly approach or get in touch with women. Here women decide whom to make connections with.

Not only a dating app but option like career growth and making friends in a new location is also add-on features.


  • Maintains privacy
  • Women make the first move
  • Spam free
  • Only Verified profiles are available
  • Make BFF online
  • Become a mentor and expand the network

4. OkCupid

megapersonal alternative OkCupid

OkCupid was founded in 2004 by Harvard students and it was totally free at that time. And in 2012 it became the first major dating app to connect people with whom matters the most. 

It is the only app that has introduced 22 genders and 13 orientations. Also, with thousands of questions, it makes the success rate of matching people with an exact one is quite higher than any other platform.


  • Highly trusted app
  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Powerful tech algorithm used
  • Available worldwide
  • Helpful content provided on the site

5. Match

Megapersonal alternative match

On Android and iOS, Match.com provides a freemium dating experience. Free users may create online profiles, post a few photos of themselves, and then flirt online with “winks,” with fresh matches being given to them every day. A Match.com subscription unlocks more advanced capabilities, such as the ability to see who has looked at your profile and liked your photos.

Match has continued to add features to its platform, including a Tinder-like Mixer, Android Wear and Apple Watch connectivity, and the ability to add voice and video clips to your profile. Vibe Check, which started in the spring, allows you to have video conversations with your matches, while Pair allows you to pay a small fee to have real-life dating experts match you.


  • Can explore most features in free
  • Vast preference options are available
  • No need to reveal real identity
  • Good privacy
  • Premium plans are affordable


  1. Is Megapersonals Legit platform?

Yes, Megapersonals is a genuine platform although traffic of the website has dropped down still people are using it.

  1. Is megapersonals available in Android/iOS?

Yes, Megapersonals has a mobile application.

  1. Can I find a match on Megapersonals?

Yes, you can find a good match on Megapersonals.

  1. Is Megapersonals available free of cost?

Yes, it is available free of cost.

  1. Megapersonals is safe to use?

Yes, but be aware of fraud and spam calls, and email.

  1. Is megapersonals available in the play store or AppStore?

No, you have downloaded it from third-party websites.


This was it about Megapersonal. In this article I have tried to answer all the queries regarding this like about this platform, how to use this, is safe to use or not, and much more. moreover, there is an exciting FAQ section for you. If you still have doubt write in the comment section.

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