May 27, 2024

Melelly Reviews | Is melelly legit?

melelly reviews

Before making a purchase read melelly reviews from this blog and decide should you go ahead or not.

About Melelly

Melelly is an eCommerce platform solely made to attract women. This platform has a vast variety of collections for women and is famous in the USA

Products like top wear, Casual dresses, Outerwear, Dresses, and two-piece sets are the most demanding and appealing products on the site.

Moreover, from the fashion perspective, all the products look well designed and exclusive. And to help buyers there is a size chart with every product and a heavy discount available on each product.

However, the website provides shipping in almost all countries, and if we compare the price that is unbelievable. So this makes it suspicious whether to buy from this site or not.

So, in the next part find out the website specification, melelly reviews from different sources and know is melelly legit?

Melelly Website Specification

Website URL –

Type of website – Ecommerce 

Category – Women’s clothing

Domain age – 8+ months

Secure site – Yes, SSL installed

Domain Authority – 1

Website Spam Score – 22%

Website Trust Flow – 0

Domain registered country – Iceland

Hosted on – Cloudfare

Pros of using melelly

  • One to one customer service 24/7
  • 30 days return
  • 100% payment secure(PCI DSS merchant certified)
  • Free shipping over $79 shopping
  • 30 days free return policy
  • Delivery in major countries
  • Prices are available in all currencies on the website
  • Order tracking
  • Exclusive offers
  • Measurement guide available 
  • Free shipping in the united states

Cons of using melelly

  • The platform is very new
  • Reviews might be fake on the site
  •  10% fees will be charged on order cancelation 
  • Order processing and shopping can take up to 35 days
  • No other good reviews are found on third-party sites.

Melelly Reviews and complaints

  1. Melelly On Amazon

On amazon, Melelly has a store and a while ago there were women’s fashion products were available like lingeries, tops, bottom, etc. and they had reviews also now, those products are removed and electric fans are on sale.

melelly reviews on amazon

This indicates that the website might be created to diversify the business and but operations did not go well. 

2. Melelly On Trustpilot

On trust pilot user reviews are kind of mixed. But the most recent reviews in 2022 were not positive they all were complaining about the platform.

melelly reviews on trustpilot
melelly reviews on trustpilot

3. Melelly Own website reviews

Melelly reviews on the official websites are mostly good and the customer has given an average of 4 stars. But we can not trust those reviews since there is no authentication if a user is a verified buyer or not.

Moreover, fake reviews are easy to generate through backend or third-party services. So it is quite difficult to figure out whether to trust reviews on a website or not.

Is melelly legit?

By analyzing given points in the blog like website specifications, reviews, and cons it is easy to conclude that website is not legit. And there are other supporting factors like

  • Poor website design
  • Lack of content
  • Contact information not disclosed properly
  • Lack of genuine reviews

Users should be aware of this type of website before making any payment to them. And before visiting such websites check whether a website is secure or not, if there are any redirections or not. 

Do not click on any links that are suspicious or look spammy. 

Next, read how to identify if the website is legit or not.

How to check website legitimacy

 Unlike melelly reviews, there are other review sites available but if users do not want to visit websites for help and directly check there are many ways to do it.

Just tick this checklist given below and decide whether a website is legit or not.

  • Check information in the header and footer
  • Check SSL certificate
  • Check website redirections
  • Check for the spammy ads and popups
  • Beware of fake reviews on the site
  • Check about us and contact us page
  • Check the privacy and policy page 
  • While making a payment check for the payment gateway
  • See if the website asks for personal details

There are similar scams like the, and scam that you must read and understand the pattern of these types of frauds online.

Final Verdict

This was all about melelly reviews. We have tried to cover all the majority of concerns like website specification, pros, cons and how user can check website legitimacy by them selves. I hope this review article will help you to decide whether to shop from melelly or not.

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