June 14, 2024

Ledapo.com Reviews | Is it a legit website in 2022?

ledapo.com reviews

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In this article get honest Ledapo.com reviews. Let’s find out if this platform is safe to buy products in 2022.

Nowadays, many eCommerce sites are emerging and attracting new users by giving them big discounts and coupons. To stay in the market and compete with big giants new startups use some black hat techniques like clickbait or price manipulation. 

However, new users are totally unaware of this and land on a suspicious website and spend money, and become a victim of a scam. 

In this article, we are going to see about Ledapo.com reviews such as if it is a legit platform to buy from or should users trust this website.

Ledapo.com Reviews

All Ledapo.com reviews are mentioned with its specification to pros and cons. Personally, we would suggest staying away from this site because it does not match the basic parameters of a genuine website must-have. Even though the website is not reachable so it is possible that ledapo has shut down its operations. 

However, it’s always up to users and if they find it genuine they can go ahead and shop from there.

There are similar scams like the 310drip.com scamMelelly.com reviews, and opapps.net scam that you must read and understand the pattern of these types of frauds online.

About Ledapo.com

Ladapo is an e-commerce website popular in the USA because of website exciting deals and discounts. 

Website is famous for selling furniture, kitchen appliances, and lifestyle product. Initially, the website attracted many new users and their return policy and products were good but after some time, buyers started complaining about the website.

The issues user were facing was

  • Delayed delivery
  • No product return
  • Issues in refund
  • Products were not as ordered
  • No money back

These were the problems users were experiencing. Now let’s move on to  Ledapo.com reviews And discuss reasons if it’s legit or not.

Cons of Ledapo.com

  1. Unsecure website – visit the official website of ledapo and there you can see a website is not secure. To check if a website is secure or not just visit a website in chrome and on the top left corner click on the padlock icone. There user can find out if the website is secured by an SSL certificate or not.

Here, ledapo is not secured by an SSL certificate so there are high chances of user data might be stolen or a phishing attack is possible.

  1. Unreachable Server

The website hosting provider is not efficient to handle user requests and there might be a bandwidth issue. So, the website seems unreachable in most cases.

  1. No social media presence 

It is strange to see that Ledapo has no social media presence now in 2022. Their website is unreachable and all the social media accounts are deactivated. So, this could be a sign that their operations are closed.

Due to these reasons even if users order something and want to get in touch with the team there are no ways to do it. And this is the biggest negative point about it.

  1. Domain Authority

The website domain is quite new and registered only before 3 months. Moreover, Semsuh’s trust flow is only 9 which is very low so users can not believe the content of the website and currently website is not ranking on any keyword.

Moz Domain authority is 5 which means no authority domain is linking to this site and that indicates a website is quite new and suspicious.

Pros of Ledapo.com

  1. Discount coupons  – Ledapo provides unbelievable discounts to the user and vast categories available for shopping. Users can find furniture, home improvement, lifestyle products at good prices.
  1. Policy – it provides a return policy on selected products and the website claims to deliver products in just 15 days. Also, accepts different payment methods like PayPal, debit/credit cards.

Ledapo.com specifications

  • Website URL – http://ledapo.com/
  • Domain age – 93 days
  • Authority score – 9%
  • Spam score – 1%
  • Alexa rank – Zero(0)
  • Website traffic – Not declared
  • SSL certificate – Not secure
  • Contact information – as mentioned service@tilraylabs.com, no other details are mentioned.
  • Social media – all social media accounts are deactivated at the moment.
  • Return policy – Available but only in some special cases.
  • Shipping policy – product will be shipped within 15 days.
  • Customer’s review – No authentic and legit reviews are available.
  • Payment tracking – not available
  • Payment methods – Credit/debit cards and Paypal.


  1. Why lepado.com is closed?

Ans. website is unreachable and there might be a possibility that they have closed their operations.

  1. Is lepado.com legit?

Ans. according to our review, it is not, still, it’s always up to users whether they want to shop or not.

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