July 17, 2024

Cloutzap scam |Facts you must know

Cloutzap scam | Cloutzap Facts that no one will tell you

Daily on the internet, you might see people boasting about making instant money on Instagram, tiktok, or youtube.

But before we go ahead in this article let me tell you there is no shortcut to making money.

These scammers only take advantage of people like students, retired persons, or veterans wanting to earn some bucks to bear daily expenses.

Here in this article, I’m going to tell you about one similar scam named cloutzap scam that cheated almost all its users.


So, let’s find out did people got money from cloutzap or if they really got scammed.

What is cloutzap

Cloutzap is an online platform where users can earn money by doing surveys, playing games and testing free apps, and completing the daily quests given on the site online.

To perform these tasks users only need an internet connection and mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Also, to attract new users, Cloutzap has introduced refer and earn program where users can earn $15 by referring cloutzap to their family, friends, or relatives.

Moreover, new users can directly claim a $35 sign-up bonus.
Until this point, cloutzap looks like other similar platforms but if we dig deep into the website then we can see that there are so many false promises made by cloutzap and misinformation is available too.

Cloutzap Scam

No doubt cloutzap is quite a famous platform nowadays and its chatter is all around on the internet.

First by their official website look and feel even I thought that this must be a genuine platform but when I searched about cloutzap on different social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, quora, forum, etc. 

The user reviews were shocking. Not only one but a plethora of users have commented on how cloutzap scam its users.

#1. Extend the date of withdrawal

It means that the user has earned money by performing tasks and before a couple of days of withdrawal cloutzap extends the date.

So, the user has to wait one more week or so and this phenomenon keeps happening again and again.

Here are the proofs I got from the youtube

cloutzap review
user comment on youtube video
cloutzap review
user comment on youtube about cloutzap

#2. False claim

Cloutzap seems to make a false claim by tricking people. Yes, putting a false screenshot of withdrawal and testimonial wins the trust of users.

Moreover, few YouTubers have made detailed videos regarding this scam and agree that cloutzap is a scam.

Proofs of cloutzap scam

So, until this point, we know what is cloutzap and how it scams people and its user reviews on various social media platforms.

Now, here are the proofs I gathered from its official website that simply proves that this is a scam.

#1. Age of the website

On whois you can check details like website IP, domain register date, expiry date, and country where it is hosted.

So, cloutzap is registered on the date 2021-10-09 in Iceland as per the data available on whois.

whois data
cloutzap whois

However, on its official website, it is mentioned that it has monthly 2 lakh plus active users and in a year they have paid out more than $22 million.

Amm, this is strange.

Either they have the best marketing and sales team or have superpowers.

Suppose even if digest that false claim but what about this 4+ years of experience?

It clearly indicates that something is wrong with this platform.

cloutzap website
website screenshot

#2. Fake payment proofs

If you go to the payment proofs page and see the screenshots uploaded as a proof of payment.

The first image itself is a scam. 

Let me explain this to you. 

As we know from the whois data that domain was registered on 2021-10-09. So before august 2021 website did not exist on the internet.

But in the first paragraph deposit date is 26th June 2021. Thus it proves that the given payment proofs by cloutzap are fake.

fake payment proofs
fake payment proofs

#3. Fake testimonials

On the user testimonial page, some reviews are too good to be true. Yes, it might sound strange to you but I recommend you to go on that page and check user testimonials.

It clearly looks like it is paid reviews and testimonials.

Even you can get these types of videos for your business for just $5. Sounds crazy? But it is true.

I went on the fiver and type testimonial and these people were offering me a personalized review of a testimonial video of my business for just $5.

fiverr gigs
fiverr gigs

So you can imagine how easy it is to trick people with these types of cheap tactics. 

I recommend you to read opapps.net scam which is similar to this one and learn how to identify fraud websites.

Final words

I have explained each and everything about cloutzap a new user can think of. It is the most talked hence controversial money-making website on the internet.

Hope I have helped my readers to make choice about whether to invest their time on this platform or not.

Also, all the images of reviews and other proofs are legit and taken from trusted platforms.

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