November 27, 2023 scam | Is it real or fake(August 2022) scam

This article covers whether the scam is real or fake with proof of customer reviews. Learn how to identify fraud websites on the internet like 310dip com.

Hey there, you must be here because somewhere you have heard about this platform called and you want to make sure whether to make a purchase from this site or not.

But please hold on.

Before you spend even one bug read this article till the last and decide is legit? 

You will thank me later.

Now let’s go ahead and go through some information about 310drip com

About is an eCommerce website popular for its luxury jewelry collection for men and women both. has attractive categories like Bracelets, chains, rings, pendants, sunglasses, apparel, etc.

It has gained so much popularity in a short span of time but not for its attractive collection.

Yes, it has drawn people’s attention because of the negative reviews it gets from customers.

Many customers are saying that is a scam on social media platforms.

However, from the website UI-UX perspective, it looks legit and details like about us and privacy policy are there too.  

Then how did scam people? Let’s find out in the next section. scam grabbed the attention of people because of its poor management and operations. 

Allegedly, this platform advertised its a product in the market through different platforms and started taking orders through its e-commerce website.

But the customer kept complaining about poor product material, not good refund and return policy, unsatisfied with customer support, and extra charges and taxes.

In some cases, users made payments online but never received the product.

You can easily find these reviews on third-party social media. 

But why these scams are common nowadays and why consumers are getting scammed? 

Reason is

Online shopping is booming nowadays and plenty of eCommerce platforms are getting launched each day.

To acquire new customers e-commerce sites start to give big discounts and coupon codes even if they make losses and make prices unbelievably cheap.

However, it’s hard to sustain a company with this amount of losses for a long time, and eventually, either product does not deliver to the consumer after paying for the product or the company lacks efficiency in delivery, return & refund, and other operations. reviews

Unfortunately, do not have any official social media platform. We tried finding it on their official site and on individual platforms but did not find any.

So, here are the reviews customers have posted on third-party social media platforms like quora, Reddit, forums, and Facebook.

310drip com reviews
310drip com reviews
310drip com reviews

Moreover, is not available on social officially to avoid direct interaction with users. 

Because it is convenient for consumers to come on social media platforms and complain or share reviews regarding the website service under their comment section or by hashtags.

Every move of this website strengthens the claim of scam is real.

By analyzing different data, websites and platforms we conclude that this eCommerce website is a scam. 

You should not trust this website and if do so you might end up losing money.

Is legit?

No, scam people by putting luxury products at a low price for sale, and because of their pathetic delivery and customer support, some users have lost their money.

Again this is not only our personal view this is a review we have got from the customers.

We request customers don’t fall into this type of trap where websites like 310drip com cheat customers by selling fake products at low prices.

Always check reviews of the platform before making payment online because these types of internet scams are normal and it’s sometimes impossible to identify who is legit.

There are similar scams like the scam,, melelly reviews that you must read and understand the pattern of these types of frauds online.


To conclude this topic we would like our readers to stay away from these attractive offers that seem hard to believe.

Logically products is selling literally cheap and at that rate, it would never be possible to sell the product and deliver it too.

So, only trust sites that are trusted by users, and do not forget to double-check.


Is legit?

No, this website seems to sell the product at an unbelievably cheap price and it has issues with delivery, customer support, and returns and refund policies.

Is on social media?

No, this eCommerce site does not have any social media accounts.

Did scam people?

Yes, according to customer reviews they have faced many issues regarding product quality, delivery, refund, and return.

Should I purchase products from

No, we do not recommend this site to anyone because it’s less trustworthy.

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