July 17, 2024

ASG Recovers Scam | Why are they calling you? (August 2022)

asg recovers scam

You must be curious about why asg recovers calling me. Or who does they collect money for? 

Then let me tell you. There are hundreds or thousands of people on the internet looking for legit answers and the good news is

Your all questions regarding ASG recovers scam will be answered here.

Today, debt-collecting scams are normal like someone calling you to repay a debt you have never taken.

Although, all calls, messages, or email you get from this type of recovery firm is not necessarily scamming few legit debt collecting firms are there too.

But here in this article, we are going to talk about one recent scam that has gained the attention of the people in the USA.

ASG Recovers scam

From the people’s point of view ASG recovers is a scam but let’s dig deep into this and let you decide Is asg recovers legit?

What is asg recovers?

ASG recovers is a debt-collecting firm situated in the USA. It recovers debt from the people by giving them calls, messages, and emails.

Debts like payday loans, credit card bills, and other debts are recovered by them.

Usually, companies do not directly involve in collecting debt from their customers they hire debt-collecting firms like ASG recovers and these firms recover debt from the consumer on behalf of their client.

Debt collecting firms are obliged to follow rules and regulations of the country and individual states and they have no right to harass or abuse any client.

ASG Recovers Scam

For the last couple of months, people in the states are getting calls from an unknown number and sometimes text messages regarding debt recovery of payday loans and bills from ASG Recovers.

However, those people have never taken any loans nor any bills are pending. 

Moreover, agents of ASG recovers keep calling people daily and pressuring them to pay their debts.

Victims have posted their reviews on Trustpilot and not one or two almost everyone has the same complaint about ASG recovers.

Here are the reviews we have collected from different platforms so you do not need to go to every other site to check.

asg recovers review
asg recovers review
asg recovers review

However, like other scammers, ASG recovers do not have its official social media presence most likely to avoid slamming from the victims.

Clearly, reviews are in favor of people because not a single review is claiming that ASG recovers are genuine and doing their job honestly.

Neither they reply to any comment or review on these third-party sites nor made their stand clear on this.

why is asg recovers calling me?

ASG recovers is a debt collecting agency. In case they call you reason must be to collect your due payments of bills or payday loans.

However, it is advised to not entertain their calls, text messages, or emails because from the online proofs available they seem to be a scam agency.

The way debt collecting agencies should work, ASG recovers are not following any standard protocols, and users are complaining about harassing and torturing them.

who does asg recovers collect for

After reading this point one question is obvious arises who does asg recovers collect for?

Well, the company has never revealed their clients on their website or other forms of media, and in their phone calls and emails, they do not mention on behalf of whom they are collecting the debt.

Thus, we can assume that they are not partnered with any firm, and by doing spam calls and emails they are scamming people.

Some might have fallen into the trap of  ASG recovers and paid to them but no one has written or spoken about this publicly till now.

There are similar scams like the 310drip.com scamLedapo.commelelly reviews that you must read and understand the pattern of these types of frauds online.


Is ASG Recovers legit?

No, ASG recovers is a  debt collecting agency working in the USA and it is scamming people by doing spam calls, text messages, and emails.

Is asg recovers a legitimate company?

NO, ASG recovers is not a legitimate company and there are enough proofs and user reviews available online to prove ASG recovers SCAM

is asg recovers a scam?

Yes, it is a scam and if you ever get a call, message, or email from them it is advised to ignore it and not fall into their trap.

is asg recovers real

Yes, ASG recovers exist in reality but the way they work is very unprofessional. People often complain regarding their asg recovers agents torture to pay debts.

where is asg recovers located

ASG recovers is located in the USA

Final verdict

This article was intended to make our readers aware of scams that are happening. Not only ASG recovers but it is possible that there are similar scamming firms that are active too. so be smart enough to identify these scammers.

ASG recovers scam is going viral these days and we have covered this topic exclusively for the readers of DUarticles.

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