April 10, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Your Favourite Vape Device

Many vapers prefer the convenience of having complete vape kits – why? Imagine having a device that is free of smoke smell, has intricate design elements, is sleek, and offers you the practicality to smoke anywhere and everywhere. 

Anywhere? Indeed, if you are travelling, you are probably here to know the essentials and guidelines for taking your vape kit with you. 

Vape Kits for Traveling

Many types of vapes are available in the market, making it more difficult to pin down what works for travelling and what doesn’t. Let’s find out:

Vape PODs

The POD vapes are ideal for taking along on your next trip. These are sleek, smaller, and, therefore, easier to fit in your carry-ons. You can also wear these on as a necklace; this will make you not worry about losing them, plus these double as a chic accessory to your outfit. 

Word of Advice

If you plan on wearing your vape on your neck, make sure you do not succumb to the temptation of hitting the vape on the plane. Besides being of the perfect size, the POD vapes can be used together with pre-filled options. That makes it easier to swiftly reload the vape when you run out of the E liquid while travelling.

E-Cigs or Disposable Vape

The disposable vapes or the E-cigs are a bit different but still smaller and built to look like a traditional cigarette. Again, these are ideal for travelling due to their relatively small size; however, most E-cigs are disposable. The disposable nature of the E-cigs means you will have to find a store to purchase a replacement in the new place, and you might not be able to get the same brand or type you are using – a bummer.  

If you are still set on taking along the disposable vapes, consider packing a few extra; this way, you won’t have to spend your vacation time looking for new ones in a new place. 

Some other considerations include the following: 

● Charging the Battery Before Travelling

Not charging your device before you embark on a long road trip is an easy mistake. If you get stuck on your ride and the vape dies, you will regret it. 

Some vape kits are chargeable via the car charger; however, this is only sometimes the case. Therefore, beginning your journey with a fully charged vape is best to keep you going. Plus, packing a few extra pre-filled pods or e-liquids won’t hurt either. 

● Packing Vapes

Travelling with vapes necessitates a few precautions. First off, empty your tank of the E-liquid before you pack it; doing so will prevent flooding and spills while travelling. Move on to wrap your vape, preferably in a soft cloth or protective case. Doing so will prevent damage to your device while in transit. Additionally, if you plan on bringing extra and loose batteries, put them in a protective case, essentially preventing them from being damaged or shorting. 

Bon Voyage!

You can take your vape kits with you when you travel; however, caution is advised. Make sure you are packing the vapes in your carry-on. Search about the liquid regulations for refills, and always avoid the temptation of using the devices onboard a plane. 

Check twice to see if your travel destination has any laws or surprises for unsuspecting vapers as you land. Plus, ensure you have enough, E-juice, batteries, and other accessories if buying in the new place is not an option. 

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