April 10, 2024

Where Can I find happiness – 5 Ways to be happy

where i can find happiness

Often we get upset about little things, get angry with every other people, not in the mood most of the time then these questions arise in our mind Where Can I find happiness

There is nothing bad about being arrogant, does this you love, listening to your hear but when any other suffers due to this then that is a problem.

If you are thinking about how to find happiness let me tell you dear keep reading this blog it will surely help you in any way

1. Be patience in life

We start feeling low when we start thinking that nothing is going in our life as we planned it. Yes, whether it is a relationship, study, or business when initiating it we always start expecting good from it and life is really uncertain sometimes things really don’t go according to what we have decided it go.

But what’s the big deal? Until you have self-belief you can start again and achieve that thing also. Don’t limit yourself and start doubting keep going forward life has something more for you than you have desired.

Like one bad chapter can no decide your destiny. Just hold on and be patience. Patience can change lots of things in your life trust me. For instance, when you were a child you didn’t know how to walk and you fall hundred of times while learning to walk but did you stop doing it? Did you though that leave it I’ll not walk for the rest of my life? Then why now when you have so many things in your hands.

So next time you feel frustration and being impatience just remind yourself

“This shall too pass

This is just a bad phase of your life.

Suppose if you are traveling through a vehicle on a place you wanted to visit for a long time and one bad patch of potholes, river crossing and dust comes in a way then do you return to home from that point? Or just enjoy that bad phase as a part of your journey and move on? 

Of course, you will go ahead because that beautiful destination will come after that. 

Similarly, one bad patch in the journey of your life will also pass and you’ll reach your goal of “happiness” after that. 

Where Can I Find Happiness - Patience
Source [country living magazine]

2. Be your own friend

Do you feel lonely? Or let’s say you are surrounded by many people but still you feel alone?

Don’t worry most of us go through this phase once in a lifetime and it is so normal to have this feeling in teenagers.

You know at this time very small small things start affecting us like while scrolling through social media while seeing other people chilling and hanging out with their friends we start questioning out self like am I not good to be a friend? Is there any quality do it lack?

Let me tell you the answer “NO”.

When start depending on other people for happiness then that is your biggest mistake of yours. Remember one thing

only you are responsible for your happiness

Yes, friends are important but can’t you enjoy yourself? Is it bad to enjoy your own company by watching your favorite show or to go on the walk alone? I don’t think so anything bad is in that.

From now, start enjoying your own company find something that makes you happy like dancing like a mad person, eating healthy, watching movies, going on a ride, reading a good book, consuming podcasts or talking with elder people. 

Don’t feel shy in front of yourself. Because at the end you are the sailor of your own boat.

where i can find happiness - Be your own friend

3. Find a purpose in life

Can you fill water in the glass when the glass is already full? Of course NO right?  what stupid question I’m asking you. Ok, but what if I pour coca-cola, or your favorite chocolate coffee in that glass will it overflow? Your answer will be the same right? 

Similarly, if your mind is already filled with the thoughts of your purpose in life, your goals, ambitions then no matter what type of negative thoughts come your mind will not let it in because it is already stuffed with the good things.

Whether you feel lonely, or miss out remind yourself about your purpose in life because it is easy to find good things to laugh at than bad things to cry on.

Purpose keeps you motivated in life and always gives you the strength to keep going forward when you are surrounded by negative circumstances. 

Your purpose could be anything and not necessary to get rich, have a beautiful partner it can be a help to everyone, do charity as much as possible, travel to new destinations, explore new things. Find something that does not make you feel bored even if you do it 24/7.

At some point, if you are going on the wrong trek then your purpose in life will help you to get back on the right track. 

where i can find happiness - find a purpose in life
Source [the strive]

4. Surround your self with positive people

Sometimes our surroundings create a big impact on our life. I would like to add a quote here that is so meaning full.

If you are hanging out with 4 broke people then you are going to be a 5th one

This line will hit really hard. Try to find a person not necessarily from the same gender or same age but find a mentor in your life and if you can’t find them physically then idolize someone you adore the most and start following their footprints.

It is tough to hold yourself tight and positive in every situation alone and we all need someone to hold on us and keep guiding us in our lows. 

We meet many people daily who sugarcoat words, make us believe that they want to help us or be with us. But behind the back, they do all the stuff to keep you down. So, having good people in your life is a blessing. 

Your parents, friends, colleagues, or any random people on social media you can find your legitimate match anywhere so always be open for the conversation.

where i can find happiness - Surround your self with positive people

5. Be In Present

“People tend to destroy their present while worrying about their future”

Yes, we all do that at some point in our life. 

Whether you are worried about your professional career or a new relationship.  Where it is about taking risks and starting something new or trusting someone again people always try to think of a future and lose the sense of the present.

And by overthinking about the future people ruin the joy of the present and forget living the little little moments that mean a lot.

“You should not worry about the things that are not in your control”

Do you have control over your future? Let’s forget about the after 5 years can you assume what will happen even after 5 hours? Then why worry about the things that we can’t change and have no control over it.

Try to make your present happy start living it and enjoy each and every moment of your life.

The more you try to control things more it slips.

where i can find happiness - Be in present

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Hope this article helped you to find your answer on Where Can I find happiness. Honestly, it’s easy to be happy all the time but only you can make it happen. Don’t expect that someone will come and spread glitter in your life. You can feel happy for a limited time by someone but to be happy permanently from inside you are the only one responsible for that.

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