May 28, 2024

How to cut a cigar without a cutter | Top 5 techniques

how to cut a cigar without a cutter

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The situation you are in is really frustrating because either you have forgotten your cutter somewhere or you do not have the time and resources to get it back.

In the blog, you’ll get 5 solutions to your question of how to cut a cigar without a cutter. And without breaking a stick.

Don’t get confused all the solution does not require any tool that is not available at home. And most importantly we won’t ask you to break it with your teeth. Haha 

How to cut a cigar without a cutter

There are 4 ways to do this thing and be careful while doing this because you only need to remove the cap. Otherwise, all tobacco might spill out and it’ll ruin cigar and day too. 

  • Use a kitchen knife
  • Use Nail or a paper clip
  • Use Thumbnail
  • Use your front teeth
  • Use Match wooden sticks

1. Use a Kitchen knife

This is one of the easiest ways and has very less chances of wasting your cigar. Find any sharp tool which is handy like a knife, screwdriver, etc from your garage or kitchen.

cut a cigar with  kitchen knife

Step 1. Get your cigar in your hand and grab the tool in another hand.

Step 2. Start cutting the lead slightly which is on the upper side and don’t go too deep.

Step 3. For reference have a look at the image and cut only that part. Once you are done cutting the cap it will look like you made a straight cut from an actual cutter.

2. Use a Nail or a paper clip

There might be a case when no tools are available there. So here is another solution. Get yourself a nail or a safety pin.

Yes, it is not always the case to remove the cap fully out from the cigar. When you puncture the upper part airflow will be easy to pass and you can enjoy it without losing a flavor.

cut a cigar with nail or paper clip

Step 1. Get a nail or safety pin and of course your cigar too.

Step 2. Start punching the holes in the cap. If you are using nails then you can make big holes and 4-5 is enough but in the case of a safety pin, you gotta dig more.

Step 3.  That’s it lit it and enjoy.

3. Use a thumbnail

This is a worst-case scenario neither you have a knife nor a nail. The situation is tense I know.

But you have god gifted tool to cut the cigar and that is your fingernail. Yes, it is so easy to perform and does not necessarily need to have long sharp nails.

cut cigar with thumbnail

Step 1. Grab the cigar in one hand from another hand and use your thumb to puncture the corners of the cap.

Step 2. Slightly put pressure around the cap of the cigar in a circular motion as shown in the picture.

Step 3. Do not put extra pressure because we do not want to cut excessive parts.

Step 4. Slightly remove the cap and it will look like you just cut it straight by using the cutter.

4. Use your front teeth

You might not have long enough nails to cut through it or you don’t want to take a risk then here is an option for you.

We have seen in the movies that a person comes and cuts a cigar by breaking it through the jaws.

Nah, do not ever try this unless you want your mouth to be filled with tobacco.

Step1. Just like explained in 3rd technique grab the cigar and put it in between your front teeth.

Step 2. Start cutting the edges of it slightly and around the corners and repeat until the cap comes out.

Step 3. Once you are done remove the cap with your hand or any sharp tool.

5. Use match wooden sticks

The best and easiest way you can do this. Only need to grab a match wooden sticks and you’ll most probably have to lit your cigar.

cut a cigar with match wooden sticks

Step 1. Grab your cigar and make the upper side of the cigar a little moist by applying little water to it or your own saliva(use your tongue). 

Step 2. Once you feel the cap is soggy then start puncturing it with wooden match sticks and try to make a hole little dip. 

Step 3. Try not to break the stick and if necessary twist the stick inside this how holes will be big and deep enough to maintain the airflow.

Final words

Hope you got the answer to how to cut a cigar without a cutter. While doing this please make sure you do not cut the cigar too big or too small because it will directly affect its taste of it. You might fail in the first attempt but with little extra case and focus it is easy to get it done.

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