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Manon McCrory-lewis? who is she, biography, family background

Manon McCrory-lewis

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Who is Manon McCrory-lewis?

Manon McCrory-Lewis is a model and actress from the United Kingdom. She was born in London on September 5th, 2006. Her mother is French and her father is English. She has been modeling for labels like Burberry and Chanel since she was 14 years old. She made her acting debut in the television series “The Borgias” in 2013.

Helen McCrory’s daughter, Manon Mccrory-Lewis, died at 52 after a long battle with illness. She was best known for her appearances in Harry Potter and Peaky Blinders. Damion Lewis’ father, Manon, announced his birth on Friday, April 16th, 2021. “She was brought to Our Lady’s Hospital in Bangor for assessment at the time.” She would be flown to Leeds General Infirmary for additional treatment.” Helen McCrory, the gorgeous and great lady that was Helen McCrory, went away at home, surrounded by a flood of love from friends and family, following a heroic battle with cancer. She died in the countryside, where she had resided.

Fearlessly. We admire her and recognize our good fortune in having her in our life. She shone like a diamond. Now, Little One, fly into the air and express your gratitude.

Helen McCrory, Manon Mccrory’s mother, was mourned on Twitter by a number of friends and family members. I was a little concerned every time I saw you. However, you have always been very gracious to me. Your career demonstrates your talent as an actor. She was always elegant, both on and off the screen. ‘You will be sorely missed.’ With sympathy for Damien and his family, Miss Helen McCrory. Helen McCrory, known for her roles in Peaky Blinders and James Bond, died at the age of 52. ‘Oh my gosh,’ Colin McFarlane tweeted. I was positive I’d misinterpreted something. I can’t believe she was taken from us so soon.

Biography of Manon Mccrory-Lewis?

Real NameManon McCrory-Lewis
Age(as of 2022) 16 years old
ProfessionChild Actress
Place of birth London, England
Education HIghschool Graduate
Height(Approx)In feet: 5’2In meters: 1.57mIn centimeters: 157cm
Weight(Approx) In Kilograms: 45kgIn pounds: 99.2Lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown 
Zodiac SignVirgo

Manon Mccrory-Lewis tiktok

Manon Maccrory-Lewis is not quite a famous personality on tiktok as of now. She has only 8326 followers on tiktok in 2022 and overall 111.3k likes on her videos.

She makes videos with her friends and puts a song on them. Seems like she is not into making videos of POV, laughter, or dance.

Like any other platform, she has not disclosed yet that she is the daughter of Helen McCrory.

Here are some of her videos to watch out for.

@manonmccrory #fyp ♬ original sound – π‘˜π‘–π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘ π‘‘π‘–π‘›

Here is the video of Manon Mccrory-lewis with her father. This video really went viral on tiktok and got over 48k likes and 438.2k views and became the most viral video on her account.

@manonmccrory suited n booted #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Trueee

Manon Mccrory-Lewis Instagram

Like any other social media platform, she is not so active here but quite famous here on Instagram.

She joined Instagram in 2019 and since then she has just posted 54 updates but Manon McCrory-lewis has 15k followers and she interacts with everyone in the comment section.

Check out her posts.

Family Background of Manon McCrory-lewis

Manon Maccrory-Lewis is a renowned star child of pure white Caucasian heritage.

Manon Maccrory-Lewis is her parents’ eldest daughter. According to accounts, her parents married in July 2007, but she was born a year earlier, in September 2006.

Her father, “Damian Lewis,” is a well-known British actor and stage performer. Her mother, “Helen Maccrory,” was a skilled actress who appeared in a number of English films and television programs.

Manon McCrory-Lewis is her parents’ eldest daughter. Her parents married in July 2007, according to reports. However, she was born in September 2006, a year before her parents’ marriage. Manon McCrory-Lewis, her father Damian Lewis, and her brother Gulliver Lewis (Photo from Getty Images) Her father, “Damian Lewis,” is a well-known British actor and stage performer. Her mother, “Helen McCrory,” was a skilled actress who appeared in a number of English films and television programs.

Manon McCrory-Lewis is having fun with her family (Image Source: Just Jared) When it comes to her siblings, Manon McCrory-Lewis has a younger brother named “Gulliver Lewis.” Her family members are also well-known figures in the entertainment sector.

Family MembersNames
ParentsFather: Damian Lewis.Mother: Helen McCrory.
SiblingsBrother: Gulliver Lewis.
GrandparentsPaternal: Charlotte Mary Lewis and J. Watcyn Lewis.Maternal: Ian McCrory and Anne McCrory.
UnclesGareth Lewis.William Lewis.Jon McCrory.
AuntsAmanda Lewis.Catherine McCrory.
CousinsClementine Lewis.Tirion Lewis.Malika Lewis.

Relationship status

Manon McCrory-Lewis, Damian Lewis’ daughter, keeps her personal life private. She does not, however, give any details about her relationship past or lover. Manon McCrory-Lewis met the Queen of London (Image Source: Just Jared) Also read: Who is Dr. Gerald Onuoha? Discover Kacey Musgraves’ Boyfriend’s Wiki, Age, Bio, and Facts.

According to media reports, Manon is unmarried (as of April 2021) and has no boyfriend. McCrory-Lewis, Manon (Photo Source: Daily Mail) She also enjoys spending time with her family. Manon McCrory and her brother were frequently seen along with their parents at numerous award events and locations.

Helen McCrory Death – Mother of Manon McCrory-lewis

Helen McCrory, a well-known actress and theatre artist, died on Friday, April 16, 2021, at the age of 52, according to CNN. Helen McCrory, Manon McCrory-Lewis’ mother, died at the age of 52 Helen died after a valiant fight with cancer, according to her husband Damian Lewis’ Twitter statement. McCrory died quietly at home, he added. The death of Helen McCrory stunned the entertainment industry.


This was about the life of Manon McCrory-lewis. you can find each and every detail of her in the blog from her past life to her biography, family background, social media activities, relationship status, and much more.

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